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Sat, 01 Feb 2003

Oh fuck.

Space shuttle explosion.

My sympathy to everyone affected by it ...

Update: Just turned on the TV and saw NASA have declared an emergency. Contact lost with Columbia over Texas, during re-entry for a landing at KSC. Live TV footage showing multiple re-entry trails ... what looked like an explosion or puff of vapour from the largest one ...

I guess that's going to be the end of the road for the Shuttle program.

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More news from the wonderful world of our sponsors ...

Turns out that the BSFA Award final ballot has been announced, and "Router" is on it!

This means I'll probably end up at the Eastercon this year (where the results are revealed). It also means that an e-text copy of "Router" will probably turn up on the web sooner rather than later (either on Asimov's SF magazine's website or on my fiction site).

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Cat psychology 101

Meet Mafdet. Mafdet is a roughly eight year old tabby cat: female, neutered, and friendly. She's one of the two cats we adopted from the Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home when Sekhmet died in December. (The other, Frigg, is an enormous -- and enormously overwight -- black panther with a rather odd, stubby tail and a combination of immense patience and feline reserve.) Mafdet is friendly, but anxious. Periodically she'll rush around the house meeping for human company until she finds some attention. She's not a lap cat or shoulder cat, but she likes being stroked and tickled. And when she's found a human being, she'll walk in circles around their ankles. Or around their head, if they happen to be in bed.

Yesterday afternoon, Mafdet did her meeping thing and rushed up to me while I was standing in the door of Feorag's study. She did the walking in circles thing. Mildly annoyed, I shifted out of the way, and she continued to orbit. So I began to follow her. After a moment, she paused, confused. I continued to walk around her. She got up and began to walk in circles until we were both traipsing through a circle about a metre in diameter. She kept looking over her shoulder at me anxiously. Finally Feorag and I were in stitches with laughter when Feorag pointed out that I really ought to stop -- Mafdet's tail was bushing up with alarm and she was looking distinctly panicky.

Apparently cats are allowed to walk in circles around humans, but there is something deeply wrong with the universe when a human walks in circles around the cat. (An hour later she was still watching me anxiously whenever out paths crossed. Poor thing ...)

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