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Sat, 14 Jun 2003

Take this century back; it's broken

I have a recurrent feeling these days, that I'm living in the wrong trouser-leg of time. Somehow history has taken a wrong turning, and instead of cruising along the infosuperhighway of the future, in radiant sunlight with the roof down and music blaring, we're rolling out of control, bumping down a rutted dirt track towards a dead end, clouds gathering overhead and a demented neoconservative Tourette's case yammering on the radio.

('Scuse me while I untangle the metaphor.)

Look, my personal life is fine. I've always wanted to be a full-time SF writer (don't ask why, if I wanted to know I'd pay a shrink), and I live in a mostly-beautiful city (if you can ignore the neds and the eldritch wee bampots in black anoraks with rolling hairy eyeballs who slobber at you on street corners), with a soul-mate who's only slightly less sane than I am, and we're doing okay. But the rest of the world, from what I read about it in the papers, seems to be on a protracted bad trip. And it's getting me down, in the way that only close proximity to the truly bummed-out can achieve.

Reasons this century is broken:

  • A smirking chimp sticks one finger up at the public and says "you don't count", as he walks away with a constitutional coup and the keys to the last remaining superpower in his pocket.
  • A camera looking up at bright sky and tall buildings, as an airliner streaks in from one corner of the frame.
  • Cops clubbing journalists trying to monitor demonstrations against the Owners. We've been bought and sold like cattle and most people don't even realise there's a price tag stapled to their ear.
  • Oligopolists make a power grab while the watch geese sleep uneasily, their gizzards stuffed with stolen corn.
  • Space shuttle breaking up, magnesium-bright shards peeling away from the re-entry trail.

Can I have the real twenty-first century back now, please? I don't want this one; it stinks and bits keep falling off it.

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Fred not Ted

That's Fred Brooks, not Ted Brooks. (Hangs head in shame.)

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