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Wed, 10 Sep 2003


Orange are apparently getting ready to launch the Treo 600 as early as next week according to The Register.

pic of Treo 600 In case you're wondering, the Treo 600 is the tri-band smartphone from Treo -- the company founded by the guys who founded Palm, and which was recently re-acquired by Palm earlier this year -- that promises to deliver what the Palm Tungsten W doesn't, quite. It's a tri-band GSM/GPRS phone. It does infrared and USB, has a Handspring-compatible interface (meaning: it will probably talk to the Think Outside folding keyboards Real Soon), a 144MHz StrongARM processor and 32Mb of RAM, a 640x480 digital camera, and runs PalmOS 5.0. It's way more powerful than the Tungsten W, works anywhere in the world, and has only one drawback I can see -- the 160x160 screen. I really need the 320x320 screen of the Tungsten C or newer Palm machines to do proper amounts of word processing (that is, editing files as well as simply writing first-draft copy), but even without an external keyboard this machine is going to be close enough to my ideal all-in-one system that, well, I'm going to be at the head of the queue.

pic of Ericsson T39m My current phone is an Ericsson T39m -- a nice, tiny, triband mobile with GSM/GPRS and bluetooth and IR, but none of the more fancy modern features. I've been carrying it for nearly two years now and it has it's shortcomings: it's crap for texting and if I want to use the internet with it I have a headache. It means carrying the Tungsten C and XP Keyboard around and lining everything up on the IR port just so (the Tungsten C doesn't do Bluetooth). While the Tungsten C is a powerful enough computer that I can leave the laptop at home on long trips, it still means carrying three gadgets around instead of one. Whereas the Treo 600 isn't quite as powerful, but should do fine for checking the email, texting folks, making notes, being a PDA, and (if/when the XP Keyboard comes out for it) banging out text.

I've been taken in by the conventional wisdom for some time now, that mobile phones would eat the PDA market. But the Treo 600 makes it look like the reverse could be true. Jack the screen res up to the 320x480 of the newest PalmOS machines, add Bluetooth/WiFi/VoIP and some level of hardware expansion (at least to support external input devices like a folding keyboard), and this kind of PDA is going to eat the sub-notebook PC market's lunch, and the feature-rich mobile phone.

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