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Tue, 07 Oct 2003

Ooh, shiny!

Sony just announced the PSX. Want.

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I'm not dead, I'm just doing the let's-redraft-a-novel thing. I have a deadline at the end of the month. It's nothing terribly difficult; I just have to take the second half of an oversized novel, and turn it into a separate book that can stand on its own. Once I've done that, I can get back down to writing the sequel. So don't be surprised if I'm not around too much this week.

In other news, Warren Ellis says:

Patrick Farley is possibly the best comics creator that comic shops have never heard of. He works pretty much exclusively on the web, producing works of great skill and ambition and passion and very focussed madness. His site is has gone pay-per-view. Sort of. In order to cover his bandwidth costs and be able to produce work more than once every blue moon, Patrick Farley has put the latest instalment of his berserk brand-nightmare post-Rapture fantasy APOCaMON behind a BitPass barrier. For 25 Yanqui cents, you get to read it 666 times.


If everyone reading DPH right now gave him 25 cents this week, then you would have in fact invented a feasible independent channel for one of the best comics creators America's produced in the last three or four years. I mean, what the hell else can you buy with twenty-five lousy cents?

Here's a hint: I'm going to go pay, because Farley is every bit as good as Warren says. And that's saying a lot.

Chris Williams, who should know better than to encourage me, had to scratch my dieselpunk itch by pointing me at this web page describing the Napier Nomad, an insane example of baroque technology pushed way beyond the bounds of reason. It's what happens when you start trying to design an aviation diesel engine for the jet age -- an afterburning two-strike diesel engine at that. Then Arthur Wyatt found me a photograph of a Land Ironclad called the Independant. (I'm still not sure that the Baker Jumping Car isn't a wind-up, though.)

Oh yeah: the books I'm currently working on may be shelved under "fantasy" but they're not going to have any of these titles or these characters, let alone feature any of these plots!

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Is SF About to Go Blind? -- Popular Science article by Greg Mone
Unwirer -- an experiment in weblog mediated collaborative fiction
Inside the MIT Media Lab -- what it's like to spend a a day wandering around the Media Lab
"Nothing like this will be built again" -- inside a nuclear reactor complex

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