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Tue, 09 Dec 2003

Bampots in the News

(Being the first of an irregular series of bulletins about bampots.)

Investigating the german cannibal subculture: federal investigator Wilfried Fehl claimed during the trial of Armin Meiwes (for killing and eating another man) that there's a whole "flourishing cannibal scene" in Germany. "We are talking about dentists, teachers, cooks, government officials and handymen."

Meanwhile, according to the Washington Post dirty bombs are going missing in Transdneister, a country most of us have never heard of for the simple reason that most governments don't recognize it. Transdneister issued a unilateral declaration of independence in 1990 and fought a brief civil war with Moldova -- it's a predominantly Russian region and didn't want to join in the perceived likely Moldovan merger with Romania. Anyway, they've got scads of SAMs, dirty bombs, all sorts of left-over Soviet weapons, and a government that makes Zimbabwe look like a model of moral probity ... and they're selling them to the highest bidder.

Finally, White Supremacist terrorists in Texas developed chemical weapons and were only detected when a cyanide shipment they'd ordered was delivered to the wrong address. None of the arrestees are talking, and it's feared that accomplices may still be at large and planning to mount a gas attack somewhere in the US.

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I'm back

... Despite the 2 hour delay on the return flight caused by freezing fog around Edinburgh. (Standing around in a car park at 1am while de-icing the vehicle for the trip home is no fun. Once I got it running the thermometer read -4 degrees celsius. Brr.)

Some good news emerging from the trip is that I now have some vague publication dates for my novels in the UK. "Singularity Sky" will show up in hardcover from Orbit in July 2004. And "Iron Sunrise" (out in hardcover in the US from Ace in July '04) will arrive in hardcover in the UK in February '05 -- Orbit are playing catch-up with my US publishing schedule, but I am hoping that by mid-2005 my SF novels should emerge at roughly the same time on both sides of the pond.

Hint to gizmo-obsessed UK air travellers; Dixons (big electronics retail chain) run duty-free stores at most UK airports, and while the prices are generally no lower than street price, they run a few loss-leaders to get the punters to part with their money. One particular loss-leader right now is Apple's 40Gb iPod -- the saving from buying one at an airport shop instead of direct from Apple (or an Apple dealer) was not unadjacent to the price of two return air fares to London! So I'm currently schlepping all my backup data off the old 20Gb iPod and onto a new 40Gb model.

(In case you were wondering, the iPod isn't just a mobile music player -- it's a fast external hard drive for my Mac. I keep a backup of everything on it. Because it follows me outside the house, the house could burn down tomorrow and I'd be back in the writing business just as soon as I could find a second-hand iMac. But the 20Gb one has been getting a bit full recently, and an upgrade was in order.)

Other things ...

Well, London is still there. And life is as surreal as ever; while out and about shopping on Friday, who should I run into but Cory Doctorow? We really have to get this synchronicity thing under control. Oh, and hi to all the rasfc folks I had lunch with on Sunday -- it was nice to meet you!

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