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Fri, 02 Jan 2004

Today's work

I cheated slightly; yesterday I did a thorough re-org of the directory tree I stashed the notes and previous two books in, to pave the way for starting work today. I went through the previous 39,000 word stalled draft and excised the 19,500 clearly salvagable words from it, ready to recycle. And I set up the file templates to use, and mucked around a bit more doing the computery housekeeping. Then I caught myself writing about 250 words -- barely a first page -- just to warm up, and made myself stop.

Today the work stands at 4,600 words, so I guess I'm not exactly blocked on it. Mind you, it took me three hours to write the first thousand words, and about one hour to write the last fifteen hundred. Now if the quality holds up, and the output rate holds up, I might even nail down the first draft before I get to go hang out in a courtroom for a couple of weeks. (Except that would entail averaging 4500 words a day for seventeen consecutive days, and I'm not that mad -- I mean, I've done it before, but I've never planned on doing it before, because after writing at that speed for just two weeks I end up in a state approximating a jellyfish in the Sahara desert at noon. First law of writing: don't screw your health over to meet a deadline, because if you do, you won't meet the next one.)

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That time of year again

It's the time of year when I get the itchy urge to write a novel.

In this case, I've got a deadline, a 7000 word detailed outline, and a sense of urgency (see deadline). I've also got some interesting variations on the writing environment to try out.

The novel in question is titled "The Clan Corporate". It's the third volume in a fantasy series, to be published by Tor in the US (British publication details not yet decided). Book #1, "A Family Trade", is due out in October this year. Book #2, "The Hidden Family", is due probably around summer 2005. This one should appear in winter '05 to spring '06, assuming everything goes according to schedule. Books #1 and #2 were written as one text; my original outline for "The Clan Corporate" was long enough that to fit it into the length Tor decided they wanted I'd have to take three volumes. So I've spent the past couple of months re-thinking everything, and now I'm about ready to get back to work.

The only antidote to the mallaise of a long period of writing is to write about something different. So I'm probably going to vent about the writing process in this blog from time to time over the next few weeks. More later ...

Oh yeah. Once more, with feeling: genre category is a label they pin on your work to make it easier to sell. What matters is what you write.

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