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Tue, 06 Jan 2004

Deeply unamusing

Well, I've been ploughing on -- passed 15,000 words of new material yesterday.

In the meantime, I was deeply unamused to notice the US dollar continuing its slide on the world currency markets. Never mind the Euro being at an all-time high; you can now buy 1.8025 dollars with a single pound sterling. That's the weakest the dollar has been in 11 years.

Leaving the macroeconomics aside, the dollar was at 1.50 to the pound for almost the whole of the 1990's. While I've now got a UK publisher, the majority of my sales -- the majority of sales for anyone writing SF in the English language, for that matter -- are to publishers in the United States. Contracts are negotiated and paid in US dollars. If the dollar loses 15% of its value against the pound between a contract being negotiated and the books written, delivered and paid for, then the author loses 15% of his or her pay packet for the next year or two. If the dollar goes back up, this won't necessarily fix things -- if the cheque has already been deposited and converted into sterling at a poor exchange rate, that money has vanished into the haze of might-have-been.

Of course, currency fluctuations don't mean an automatic pay cut for writers. For one thing, currencies that go down may also come back up. For another thing, authors are paid both a lump sum advance (a non-returnable loan) against future earnings, and a royalty (a percentage cut of the earnings from their books, from which the advance is deducted). A book that sells well and earns out the advance will pay a further royalty, a year or two down the line for the time when the contract is signed. And authors usually hope that their next book will sell more copies than the one before. So if the second and third (and subsequent) books sell 15% more than the first, the effect of the exchange rate fluctuation is cancelled out. Of course, I'd rather have the 15% pay rise ...

But the fact remains, if you're a British SF/fantasy writer, then almost by default (if you want to earn a living) you're a one-person export industry aimed at the North American market. Which is why headlines like this one (No end in sight to dollar's descent) do not fill me with joy and goodwill towards all Federal Reserve bankers.

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