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Fri, 12 Mar 2004

Progress update

I've been ill. Either it's the gut problem I'm seeing a consultant for, or it was a recurrence of the hideous cold/bronchitis bug from Boston, but something put me in a high fever on Sunday night and I was unable to work again until Tuesday. Luckily whatever it was went into retreat rapidly and I'm more or less back to normal, albeit a bit shaken and a bit behind schedule. Ick. If there's just one killer argument in favour of the whole mind-uploading robot body posthuman cyborg shtick, it's the deficiencies of the human immune system.

Ailments aside, I've just sent in the page proofs to the second novel of 2004, "Iron Sunrise". And I've gotten back to work on the latest novel for Tor, managing to push this draft up to 80,000 words. Which is good. I'm now on the narrative path leading up to the climax of the story, with maybe 10-12,000 words to go and everything planned out in nauseating blow-by-blow detail -- the rest of the novel should go on autopilot. If anything the excessive outlining might make it harder to write -- because the work isjust leg-work, like painting by numbers. Normally I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, allowing room for big plot twists to introduce themselves at the last minute. But this one is on a tight deadline, and it probably helps that there won't be any more rude surprises. On current form (3000 words a day) there are 3-4 days work to do before I have a rough'n'ready first draft. I probably won't be working on Saturday, but that means I'm looking to Tuesday or Wednesday next week to finish it.

Which leaves me -- I can barely believe this -- one week from completion of the first draft of my sixth novel under an actual real publishing contract. The first drafts of numbers seven and eight are already finished, thanks to the vagaries of my schedule. I still can't get used to this! I spent years writing, dreaming that maybe I'd get to sell a book one day -- and suddenly I'm a week away from having completed eight. If I get this one in the can, I don't actually need to start writing any more novels for ... oh, close to two years.

(Not that I'm about to take two years off. You know me better than that, right? But given that I'm feeling run down and having health issues, being ahead of schedule with both my publishers means that I've got the luxury of being able to take sufficient time off to rest up and relax, without blowing through deadlines -- which tends to fill me with very un-relaxing angst.)

Oh yeah. I mentioned the first drafts of #7 and #8 being finished: in the case of #7, that's because Asimov's SF have accepted the final, ninth story in the sequence called "Accelerando", which is going to mutate into Accelerando: the novel, by some time this summer. And that will be another weight off my mind. That project has been a millstone around my neck ever since I began it in the summer of 1999. You know you've bitten off more than you can chew when you feel as if you've turned into a deep-sea nightmare like this Gulper Eel. "Accelerando" did weird things to my head. I'll have to try to describe it -- later, when I've recovered a bit more.

Still. One week, and the pressure-cooker deadline is over. All I have to do then for the rest of 2004 is polish, and polish, and polish the glittering chrome some more. And try to get my energy back.

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