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Fri, 16 Apr 2004

A question of nationality

Quoth the New York Times:

SCI-FI NOMINEES Two Americans, two Canadians and a Scot are the finalists for the Hugo Award for the year's top science-fiction novel, Canadian Press reported. The contenders are the Americans Lois McMaster Bujold for "Paladin of Souls" and Dan Simmons for "Ilium"; the Canadians Robert J. Sawyer (last year's winner) for "Humans" and Robert Charles Wilson for "Blind Lake," and the Scot Charles Stross for "Singularity Sky." The winner will be named on Sept. 5 at the World Science Fiction Convention in Boston.

Yeah, that's me. About as Scottish as black pudding.

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The Atrocity Archives are open for business

Atrocity Archives cover pic

I am informed that the first author copy of The Atrocity Archives is winging its way to me, with the other author copies following by surface mail. With luck, they may even arrive before Plokta.con.

In case you hadn't already figured it out, "The Atrocity Archives" is my latest book, comprising the short novel "The Atrocity Archive" (originally published in Spectrum SF in 2001-2002) and a sequel novella ("The Concrete Jungle"), along with a foreward by Ken MacLeod and an afterword by me explaining what it's all about, sort-of. (It's actually a tribute to the traditional British spy thriller. And a traditional Lovecraftian mythos novel covering some of the same territory as A Colder War -- which was, in fact, a dry run for the novel. But it's also a comedy of manners for computer geeks, and a meditation about the evils of bureaucracy, and a whole lot more besides.) Which is why Amazon have got it filed under "horror". Go figure; I think I blew through about four genre boundaries there.

This edition is the highly classified hardcover, printed on acid-free paper with loving care by a cadre of security-cleared gnomes, working in a far eastern sweat shop factory outsourced by the Home Office, supervised by Q Division in accordance with BS 5750 quality standards. Pay no attention to the subliminal messages watermarked into the flyleaf, or to the almost invisibly fine gold wires in the spine -- they're there for your sanity and protection.

Incidentally, If you want a copy, why not order direct from the pubisher? (You'll get it a couple of weeks faster and you'll be doing us a favour: the big book chains extract huge discounts from small publishers and trouser most of the profits, whereas every cent you give to GG gets split between them, and me. You'll also get it a couple of weeks faster -- Barnes and Noble and Amazon won't be shipping before the official release date, May 1st, but Golden Gryphon can ship right now.)

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Is SF About to Go Blind? -- Popular Science article by Greg Mone
Unwirer -- an experiment in weblog mediated collaborative fiction
Inside the MIT Media Lab -- what it's like to spend a a day wandering around the Media Lab
"Nothing like this will be built again" -- inside a nuclear reactor complex

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