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Mon, 26 Apr 2004

How not to spend the weekend

I've just had a rather memorable weekend.

On Friday, Feorag and I looked at each other and said, "why not go to Glasgow?" (This happens occasionally.) So we piled out in the general direction of the railway station, headed west, and spent the afternoon shopping, having tea in the Willow Tea Rooms, and finishing up for dinner in Ichiban (sort of a Glaswegian-Japanese fusion restaurant -- don't ask).

Anyway, midway through the afternoon I began to feel kind of weird -- that congested head-stuffed-with-cotton-wool sensation that indicates the onset of a bug. "I don't feel too well," I commented, as we got on the train home.

Well, things went downhill rapidly, and by the next morning I was feverish. I managed to keep Feorag up half the night coughing, my throat felt as if it was on fire, and by morning I was soaking the sheets with sweat -- I confess I began to worry when I realised that I was forgetting to breathe. There's nothing quite like dozing off in a feverish haze then waking up with a choking sensation which goes away when you force yourself to take a shuddering gasp of air!

Luckily the fever broke around lunchtime, before we got to the call-an-ambulance stage, leaving me feeling as if I'd just gone through a spin cycle in the washing machine and been kicked in the throat by a mule. By evening I was able to drink a bowl of soup; and today, forty eight hours after it started, I'm back to roughly how I felt on Friday afternoon -- fuzzy-headed, sore-throated, and slightly dizzy, with a mild pain in my left ear whenever I swallow.

You know something? Right now I hate my immune system.

Our immune systems evolved to protect us from opportunistic parasites -- infections -- and environmental toxins. The immune system works by detecting certain environmental triggers and going apeshit, setting off a cascade of hormonal signals that set lymphocytes going like crazy, along with all the other side-effects of an inflammatory response. Fever is one of the signs of the immune system doing its thing, or in this case over-responding. I seem to be hypersensitive to everything in general right now, so that a dumb throat infection, instead of giving me a lingering cough for a week, seems to trigger a twelve hour fever before abruptly burning itself out. Getting over it fast, good. Getting over it fast at the expense of feeling like death for a weekend, not so good.

Ah well. At least the probability of me being bitten by something equally gruesome between now and plokta.con is vanishingly small. Right?

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