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Fri, 21 May 2004

Alas, poor server ...

This server is dying.

Back when I rented it, on a three year lease in mid-2000, it looked fine for my purposes, which were running a web server for a couple of medium-duty personal websites (intermediate between very-heavy personal and light-duty corporate) and providing email service for my friends, family, and self.

That was before the web server had to handle upwards of 100,000 distinct page impressions per month and the web server found itself acting as a spam filter. I reckon we're getting a couple of thousand spams a day between us, which may not sound like much -- but the server is an aged Cobalt RAQ3; a Pentium-II running at 450MHz, with 64Mb of RAM and a 10Gb disk. The spam filtering server SpamAssassin eats working memory by the double-fistfull, and filtering a single message can chomp up about 10-20Mb for a few seconds. If three spams come in within the space of a minute, the machine begins to grind. It badly needs more memory -- but that isn't really an option.

Adding blogging software, blog-despamming software, mailing lists courtesy of MailMan, and other nice stuff only makes the picture worse. So does the exponential growth in spam. If the spam vanished, things would be fine, if a bit tense: but as it is, I've watched this machine run with a load average in the range 5.0 to 30.0 for the past six hours and it's clear that it is dying on its feet. A load average of 1.0, in UNIX-ese, means that there's a single job queued up and ready to run behind whatever the computer is doing right now; a load average over 1.0 means the machine is fully loaded, and a load average anywhere over 10 means the machine is badly overloaded. This year's peak load so far was around 75 ...

Which is why you probably can't get through to my blog, or to The Prattle or Paganlink or from time to time: I've had to shut down the web server for long enough to clear a backlog of mail.

Anyway. Next week I'm about to buy a new house rent a new server. It'll have about five to ten times the MIPS, sixteen times the memory, and sixteen times the disk capacity of the current one. But it will take me some time to move everything over, because not only is it the web server for several domains, it's doing mail, and spam filtering, and FTP, and mailing lists, and web, and primary DNS, and a bunch of other stuff. I am going to have to put my slowly-rusting Linux hat back on and do a load of system administration work, instead of writing.

Bah, humbug.

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