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Tue, 08 Jun 2004

Who's that funny man on the stage? And what's he doing to the monkey?

This Thursday, Writers' Bloc, the spoken word group I'm part of, is doing a reading in Leith, Edinburgh. I will be taking part. If you're in the area, consider this an invitation!

As the press release says ...

WHAT:"Writers' Bloc Versus the Yellow Café"-- live readings of original fiction and poetry at the Leith Festival

WHO: Writers' Bloc and the Yellow Café spoken-word performance groups

WHERE: Leith Docker's Club, 17 Academy Street, Leith

WHEN: 8.00 p.m., Thursday 10 June 2004

HOW MUCH: £5.00 £3.00 concessions)

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE: Writers' Bloc have a website

For one night only -- and especially for the 2004 Leith Festival -- two of Edinburgh's finest spoken-word performance groups are going head to head. This is where poems with punch take on stories that sting in the literary heavyweight championship to end them all! The fabulous Writers' Bloc and the legendary Yellow Café are staging an evening of cutting-edge writing "from up the toon and doon the walk" with Gavin Inglis, Nickey Melville, Stefan Pearson, Rodney Relax, Andrew J. Wilson and others.

Writers' Bloc is a mix of professional writers and new voices. Several members have published novels in Britain and the USA. Others have placed stories in magazines and anthologies as diverse as "Year's Best Horror Stories", "Scottish Book Collector", "Interzone", "Pinball Player", "West Coast Magazine", "Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine", "Instant", "Markings", "Grunt and Groan: The New Anthology of Sex At Work" and "The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases".

The Yellow Café crew return after their barn-storming show at last year's Leith Festival, and will include Rodney Relax, R. Kowalsky, Shu Lorimer and Nickey Melville. Rodney Relax, "the first poet in space", has recently appeared at the Bongo Club and Silencio. Nickey Melville, who has played the Jack Kane Centre for the Edinburgh People's Festival, offers challenging performance poetry.

Other writers appearing at this event include, among others: Charles Stross, author of "Singularity Sky" (already published in the US and coming out in Britain in August); Hannu Rajaniemi, the only Finnish member of Writers' Bloc; Gavin Inglis, winner of the Edinburgh International Book Festival Instant Book Prize; and Andrew J. Wilson, Scotsman book reviewer and one of "the world's masters of horror".

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