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Tue, 15 Jun 2004

Apropos nothing

I just issued myself a new PGP (actually GPG) keyset.

In the unlikely event you need to send me confidential email, my fingerprint is:

39EC 8265 03D1 1511 8B51  6419 1244 9F1F 96C7 FAE2

And my full public key is:

Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (Darwin)


(It's also available from the PGP keyservers.)

I haven't used PGP enough, historically. In these paranoid days it's every citizen's duty to do so ...

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So iTunes Music Store Europe just launched ...

I went and had a look.

79 pence for a DRM-locked track is pretty steep, about equivalent to US $1.20; this is one of the most objectionable things about the whole commercial download biz, they're just trying to soak us for a ludicrous amount of money. A 50-minute CD or equivalent, say 10 tracks, would cost the thick end of £8.00, or about US $14.00, and for what? Bandwidth? (Probably only a tenth of the cover price -- or less -- goes to the performers. And if you can find a telco who'll charge you even a tenth of that for half a gig of bandwidth, you're a mug. Basically it's solid profit, all the way to the stock ticker.)

I suppose there's always Hymn if, like me, you go through new Macs so fast that your three-copies licence would be toast before you can blink. That would soften the blow. And being able to buy individual tracks rather than having to pony up for an entire CD of forgettable padding is a minor improvement. But ...

What I really didn't like about the iTunes music store is quite simply the fact that if this was a real store three quarters of the shelves would be empty. The first six bands I searched for weren't available. Now, I'll freely admit that my musical taste is a little recherche, but c'mon ... no Nitzer Ebb? Or DAF? Or Danielle Dax (or Lemon Kittens) for that matter? Where are the Screaming Blue Messiahs when we need them? The Jesus and Mary Chain can't save you. Ministry -- a really big name band by these standards -- was represented by the two most recent of their major releases, and a "best of" album. What the iTunes store seems to excel at is Top-40 pabulum. I can do much better than that by just walking up the road to my local second-hand record store, never mind the huge Virgin Megastore (and rival HMV superstore) a mile away. And y'know something? I might run across something interesting by accident at the record stores. Hell, I can do better than this online by ordering CD's from Amazon.

Online music shopping via iTunes might work one of these days, but right now as far as I can see it's a dead loss. Overpriced tracks encumbered by a stupidly restrictive licence are bad enough, but the real killer is the corporatist monoculture that seeks to maximize profits by minimizing the range of options on offer.

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Excuse of the week
It's pretty pathetic, I know, but not much is happening right now that makes me want to blow off steam in my blog. I'm doing my best to stand by my promise (to myself) to swear off politics in the interests of lowering my blood pressure. I've had a bout of RSI in both hands so I've been trying to keep the keyboarding down. Feorag's in Berlin for two weeks -- this is probably our longest time apart for several years -- and I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to do some decorating and interior redesign. Or maybe spring cleaning.

I'm up to about twelve large waste sacks so far, I'm having heavy duty shelves installed in one closet to take a load of stuff that needs sorting, and I've just swapped the dining table (which was doing duty as a desk in my study) for the weird 70's scandinavian desk (which was supporting kipple in the living room). Hopefully that'll fix the wrist pains; they almost always hit me when I've been doing something silly posture-wise: usually when I've been sitting in a broken chair, but a desk at the wrong height would probably set it off, too.

Tomorrow it's time to get a friend in to strip the bedroom wallpaper and re-paint it while I move stuff from the living room into the newly-shelved closet and start thinking about installing another three metres of bookcases. You get the picture.

Obligatory plug: I've just finished reading Maul by Tricia Sullivan. I don't have the stamina to write a review right now; let's just say I agree with David Kennedy's summary: it's a lot of fun.

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