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Mon, 16 Aug 2004

Bonded warehouse

(or: "Do you expect me to talk?" "No, Mister Stross, I expect you to blog!")

One of the perquisites of the writing job is the ability to claim weird and wonderful business expenses. I have just now taken delivery of an item which will raise eyebrows when the Inland Revenue notice -- a complete boxed (or rather, canned) set of all the James Bond movies, except for the revisionist "Casino Royale". I intend to claim them as a research item. Because the next novel I write (assuming nothing bumps it out of my priority stack) will hopefully do for Ian Fleming and the Broccoli franchise what The Atrocity Archives did for Len Deighton.

I'm about to head off to the US for a couple of weeks, and am otherwise preoccupied right now ... but an insane scheme is brewing in my mind, for October. Which is this: the Fleming novels are not, themselves, particularly long, running to roughly 70,000 words each. Why not spend an entire month on Bond? Each day, start by reading a novel. Then in the afternoon or evening, watch the corresponding movie.

And blog about it.

(In the personna of the Evil Overlord, of course ...)

I can see a few problems with this scheme already. For starters, the novels and the films were made in different sequences, and the later movies (after Fleming died) veered increasingly away from the original snob-infested spy caper format that Fleming left his stamp of authority on. Which takes precedence -- Ian Fleming's Mary-Sue adventure yarns (his ID number, as secretary to the Head of Naval Intelligence in the Admiralty during the Second World War was, tellingly, 007), or the Broccoli family's technofantasy series?

Also, although I read all the Bond novels when I was younger (not to mention taking in a biography or two of Fleming) I'll need to re-acquire the complete set and read them, too. And I'm not quite the voracious speed-reader I used to be. Skimming a Bond novel in a day is within my capacity, but doing any other useful work before or after might not be.

Finally, there's the most important problem: I might not survive the exercise with sanity intact. I might have to make the odd excursion in the direction of Austin Powers territory, just to keep the Evil Overlord from MST3K'ing the canon, or launching on Kennebunkport, or something. Because, and this is something of an embarrassing admission, I've come to look down my nose at Bond. He's a snob, a poseur, and a borderline sociopath. The world has changed: the individualist anti-hero (or gentleman amateur, if you want to damn Fleming's creation with faint praise) is no longer in demand. If he applied for a job with DI5 or GCHQ today he'd be politely turned away. The villains in the Bond canon are, invariably, more interesting and quirky than the hero.

So. What do you think I ought to do?

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Someone seems to think they own me ...

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