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Fri, 15 Oct 2004

Attention Livejournal users

Some time ago somebody set up an unauthorized Livejournal feed from my weblog.

This is annoying to me because I don't administer it and can't update it. So when I moved my blog, four weeks ago, the LJ feed broke. Now I've moved the DNS for my server over, the LJ feed is barfing up a months' worth of my articles and people are complaining to me.

If you use LJ to track my blog, stop it. Instead, you can grab an RSS feed from here.

If you created the LJ feed, please delete it. Thank you.

We now return to our usual scheduled program ...

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Been upgradin'

Been quiet because I'm upgrading to a new server.

The blog moved over some time ago, but while I've been travelling all over the place I haven't had time to take care of business. About ten domains needed their primary DNS shifting. Then there's a dozen or so user accounts to set up for email and web access, and half a dozen web sites to shift, other CGI-mediated software to deal with, and a whole load of mailing lists. This is with another guy (hi, Jon) helping out as sysadmin. It's a royal pain in the neck and hopefully it'll be several years before I have to move again. In fact, if it wasn't for the spam load (thousands per day to filter out of incoming mailboxes) and the mailing list server (mailman is a complete memory hog) I'd probably still be able to stick to the old box. But in this day and age, 64Mb just isn't enough.

It's my birthday on Monday, and I'm buying myself a new PDA. (One of these, if you're interested.) The new PDA will have twice the memory of my old server, and a CPU that runs at a clock speed 50% faster. It won't have the same storage capacity at first (0.5Gb against 10Gb) but I expect sticking 10Gb of flash memory in it should be eminently possible today if I'm feeling reckless with the cash, or cheaply in another year or two.

How times change. A budget server, circa 2000, is a PDA by 2004. Projected back to 1994, that budget server would have been equivalent to an exceedingly fast mid-range Sun box, and a decade earlier it would have had Seymour Cray drooling ...

I'm going to use my PDA to read ebooks, play Sim City 2000, check my email, and surf the web when I'm out of my house. Yesterday's supercomputer is truly today's toy.

[Discuss toys]

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Is SF About to Go Blind? -- Popular Science article by Greg Mone
Unwirer -- an experiment in weblog mediated collaborative fiction
Inside the MIT Media Lab -- what it's like to spend a a day wandering around the Media Lab
"Nothing like this will be built again" -- inside a nuclear reactor complex

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