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Thu, 11 Nov 2004

Scribble, scribble

The copy edits arrived on Tuesday morning, right after my last posting here. They're due back in production a week today -- which sounds like plenty of time until you consider that the production department is in New York, and I'm away from tomorrow through Tuesday evening in Dublin. So I've just spent a few happy fun 12-hour working days slaving over a hot manuscript.

For those of you who don't know what copy edits entail, it's like this: your editor sends the typescript you sent them on to a freelance copy editor. The copy editor's job is to look for errors and fix them -- not big, sweeping errors but little ones like using "email" on page 47 and "e-mail" on pages 192 and 256. Typos, naturally, fall within their remit, but consistency is also part and parcel of the job -- it's amazing how characters middle names can change in two hundred pages that were written four months apart, or how someone can drain the same cup of coffee twice on successive pages while wrapped up in a conversation. The copy editor fixes typographical stuff using a red pencil, with occasional marginalia on a cover note (and you'd better read those questions, and answer them, unless you want your readers to think you're an idiot), renders your usage and spelling consistent, maybe draws up a list of odd words or names that appear in your book (optionally with a concordance, just to make the typesetters job easier -- this is less important when the author is submitting electronic copy which just needs to be re-flowed and tweaked in Quark), and so on.

It's not entirely a one-way process. If you take exception to what your copy editor is doing (they're not telepathic, and sometimes they misinterpret what you're trying to say) you can scribble STET in the margin or over their changes, using a different-coloured pencil, and insert your own corrections. Sometimes you find they've been tweaking your text for consistency and missed something: at this point you get a warm glow of satisfaction from finding the poor copy-editor's omission.

This time, I did a couple of extra steps. I updated my own manuscript copy -- this forced me to read every change the copy editor made, carefully noting it down, and dragged everything into greater focus than usual. (I have my own reason for wanting a 100% up-to-date manuscript copy, and it's easier to generate my own than to dig one out of the bowels of a big publishing company on the other side of the Atlantic.) And I fed the entire thing to a scanner with an automatic document feeder, saving a PDF image of the pages. That way, I can ship it back to the publisher via regular air mail (printed matter rate plus signed-for delivery) rather than an expensive courier firm, knowing that if it goes missing I've still got a copy with all the painstaking work that's gone into it. (Given the amount of stuff I'm shipping across the Atlantic these days, this measure saves a not insignificant amount of money.)

Anyway, I reckon I've put in the equivalent of a 40-hour working week and then some in the past three days. And as I'm about to slouch exhaustedly off to the post office to pass he two-kilogram brick of paper across the counter, one question keeps floating through my mind:

Why, when I have two novels coming out in the whole of next year, do both publishers decide to send me the copy-edits for checking within two weeks of each other?

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