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Next Tuesday I'm flying off to Australia.

I'll be in Sydney from the 19th through the 31st of this month. High points:

July 27th - Signing, Galaxy Books, York Street, Sydney.

July 29th - Signing, Infinitas Bookshop in Parramatta. (This latter event is still to be confirmed.)

I'll be in Melbourne from the 1st through the 8th of August. High points:

August 4th-6th: Official guest, Continuum 4.

(If you know of any SF/F specialist bookstores in Melbourne where you think I should be signing, please let me know!)


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Minotaur would be the main one in Melbourne. Alternate Worlds is another possibility, though I think they are more interested in comics (ages since I've been there).


The g.f. (who is from Melbourne) also recommends Minotaur. They have Accelerando on their homepage right now.


If you have time and want to see some of the Riverland and a working apricot orchard, give me a hoy. (Email addy on the website)


Another vote for Minotaur in Melbourne.


I don't think Alternate Worlds would really be interested - they are basically just comics.

But I'm in Sydney anyway... I will be at the Galaxy signing unless a gig ends up happening (I'm actually hoping a for a gig not to happen! eek! But it's unlikely anyway). I will try and head out to Parramatta as well :) It's not really that far from the city. Will check if it's confirmed. Unfortunately FourPlay aren't playing a gig in Sydney or Melbourne while you're here (we're in Brisbane on July 23-24 FWIW) but I'll hand you our new CD, which will be rather less brain-melting than the electronica I sent ages ago... Looking forward to meeting you!


I will be at Galaxy. I will buy a Stross book. Perhaps even the outrageously overpriced hardback of Glasshouse ($AU54! That's the typical price for hb round these parts - in case you're ever wondering why your hb sales are less than you might expect in Aust.)

Fsck, I can get Glasshouse from Amazon for < $AU30, incl shipping! Serenity now. Think of the $24 signature...


You may also want to try Of Science and Swords in the Strand Arcade in Elizabeth St (, while small is more book orientated than Minotaur and Alternate Worlds. Cheers


Wednesday, 26 July 2006

I've not been to Melbourne since '98, but I do remember Slow Glass as a nice sci-fi bookstore. You might check with locals for current area knowledge.

There's also a botanical garden there with a tree full of flying foxes. Well worth seeing...


Slow Glass is web-only now, but I'd second Of Science and Swords as the closest replacement in the city.


Melbourne and Sydney are such a drag. Over-rated. Over-done. Dreadful weather. Mucho traffic. Come up to Brisbane instead. Much better weather up here to hang out, have a beer and muse on the future.


Alas its true for a time warp Melbourne is indeed the place to be. Yet one day it will be empty as everyone moves to Brisbane. 1500 a week Like it used to say on the car registration plates "victoria a state on the move"!
"yes to Queensland"
Lets hope we can get more good writer's from Auld Reekie" to come and visit us writers in Brisbane. So come on Charlie We have a great Writers Festival on here in Brisbane, I even have a spare Kidney somewhat Pickled in Rose Street and other venues. And a Manuscript Called "The Ancients of Tommorrow" That is now going into secnd Draft. Like you said if I dont finish it I cant sell it,
so head down and bum up eh? Thanks for the Advice Charlie You Have a great holiday in the sun. Hughie

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