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Reasons to be quiet: a questionnaire

Why is Charlie not posting on his blog this week?

... Succumbing to the inevitable post long-haul flight chest infection.

... A massive blitz on the house-work (in preparation for a possible change of address).

... Working busily on a novel, trying to make up for lost time spent in mind-expanding travel.

... Nothing insightful to say that's fit to be let out in public.

... All of the above.

(Whichever of these reasons you ticked, pat yourself on the back and give yourself one point. Points may be redeemed at the cashier's desk for one (1) incremental unit of self-esteem. Normal service will be resumed when I'm feeling better/when I've sold the house/when I've finished the book/when I have something to say.)




Just use an A-gate to edit out the infection and make a couple copies to help you with your work.

Don't worry, rumors of a censorship virus that edits your political views are unfounded. :)


The cyberenhanced author coughed again, a gurgling, wheezing, hacking cough that smacked of a post long-haul spaceflight chest infection.

In counterpoint, hammers smashed polyrhythms in a massive blitz of house-work.

The author menu'd down his acoustic input, hammered just as hard on the obsolete keys of an antique 2-D computer interface, hacking and banging away on an historical novel about the Web 4.0 Boom of Edinburgh in the early 2010s, trying to make up for lost time spent in mind-expanding interplanetary travel.

Fans, who paid for the experience, watched immersively, made side-bets, and (depending on the bets) either urged him on, or cheered the more energetic carpenters and bacteria. One of those carpenters, the weedy one in the loo, had already caught the chest bacterium, and was to become the site of its gene exhange with a nasty biowar beta-test, just before meeting the PM, but that's another story


Why is Charlie not posting on his blog this week?

Interference from immanentising weak-godlike psuedo-entities attempting to skew quantum decoherence towards wavefunction collapses favourable to evolution of their own time-lines.

This shows up as spam attacks on Charlie's system.


I never really thought about it, but viruses are a lot like spam. They take over a system and try to transmit copies to every other open system within reach.


What do you make of this? Smells like a PR stunt, and if it is, they've suceeded.



Perhaps he is posting, but our view of the posts is obscured by dark matter.