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Beer in DC

I'm going to be in Washington DC tomorrow, with jet-lag, not to mention my wife (also jet-lagged). In an attempt to stave off the jet-lag by staying awake until local time 10:30pm, we'll be drinking in The Brickskeller at 1523 22nd St NW from about 7pm onwards. If you're in Washington DC and good beer and extremely jet-lagged authors interest you, that's the place to be on Tuesday 1st.

(No, this is not an April Fool.)

Encore: I'll be in the Brickskeller again on Tuesday 8th, around 8pm. Oh, my aching liver ...



Aw, man, I'd come join you, but I play tennis until 9pm and it'd be time for you to leave by the time I got to the Brickskeller. Have a good trip, though!


You can't make an April Fool's joke about beer. That's just inhuman.


God, I practically lived at the 'keller my last two years of university. If Kimberly or Magda still work there tell them Edmund says hi.


Argh! The one night that I've got a night class...


(And this just after one of my friends told me about how awesome the MITSFS reading was...)

Good luck with the jetlag, Charlie.


Seems their webmaster is MIA -- probably working his way through that obscenely long beer list. Really, there's something unholy/supremely holy about it. Any way there appears to be an alternate site:

Might just be able to make it...


For those of us who have not seen you at a signing or a reading, how will we recognize/find you?


A friend of mine and myself are definitely interested. We'll head down from Baltimore and see you there.


Thomas Gideon: Google Image Search is your friend.


You know, that occurred to me after asking the question. Wikipedia also has a decent, recent photo. Part of the reason I ask, though, is that the Brick Skeller is a bit of a rats nest with odd little rooms and such. I'll be there, in any case, so if you see a fellow with a Linux cap and grey and orange shoulder bag looking lost, that'll be me.


Alcohol in the evenings (I prefer wine to beer), mass quantities of coffee (which I don't normally drink) in the mornings -- adios, jet lag ...


Is there significance in the fact that every so often, old articles come up to the top of your RSS feed?


I'll be there with my girlfriend Beth.


Alex, I don't maintain RSS or ATOM. They just sort of happen. This is a current event.

NB: Feorag and I will be using a large green plush Cthulhu as an identification tag. Look for your evil lord and master and you'll find us.


Thanks for arranging this outing -- it was good to see you in the hometown. (Sorry about the music). Enjoy DC!


There's also a photo in the the March Locus interview which I think you haven't mentioned here yet. It reads, in places, like an April fool's joke, alternately bad and extremely funny. My commiserations re the difficulties, and I am so going to read Saturn's Cradle - my hat off also to the author of the cover, though it could use a better cover quote - I'm not sure the genre needs, or is going to get, more modern late-period RAH novels.

BTW, the "Preview" feature adds one "nofollow" to links in comments per every preview, and while img ends up swallowed, it added a closing tag until I put a final slash inside. Oh, I see you've switched to Movable Type...


Sorry I didn't see this till now, though I was at a hockey game till 10p and might have missed ye anyway. What brings you to our fair city?


I wish I still lived in theDC area. If you're ever in New York, I'd recommend DBA, at 1st Avenue and 2nd Street. Please let us all know if you're going to be around.


So can anyone who did go deliver a report on the subject?


One other thing, small world department -- just saw your comment on Brad DeLong's blog. Brad is my former Social Studies tutor from undergrad.



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