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Apologies for the quiet

I'm finishing a novel. (Just 13,000 words to write until I get to the notional end-point ...) And aside from that, I've got a speaking engagement 35 miles from home this weekend and a side trip to visit relatives on the way home. And my energy level is too low to combine massive rushing around with finishing a novel and keeping the blog updated three times a week.




Keep up the good work, Charlie. I look forward to reading it when it's published. Is this the next Merchant Princes novel?

If you need an excuse to procrastinate: on a good day, how many words do you write per day? How many words can you go through when you're editing? Assuming that editing and writing are different steps for you.


I'll cheerfully buy you a drink on Saturday if you find yourself in need of one, Charlie. Alt.fiction was great last year, and I'm really looking forward to this one.

Just hope that the extraction today of my traitorous tooth won't put a dampener on it for me!


James @1: yes, it is that particular novel.

Paul @2: I might take you up on that ...


Tell us more about the dome world!!!


3 posts per week may be too many.. with GoogleReader, you show up when you DO write. Until then others are making noise in the blogosphere, and
Heck, I get to read this stuff for free.. I also pay taxes so the library will buy copious copies of your book so I can get on the waiting list as the SFBC releases a copy of your book.. so I can lay out a little money. There is too much good SF out there to read now, but yours is especially good so I'll suspect in the future that quiet here presages a coming new book for you to surprize me with.

Of course you could get into politics like David Brin, but you're still young..


Very sorry to put a dampener on the party / rain on the parade ....

But I can't get on with the Merchant Princes series.
I managed to read the first one, just, decided it really, really wasn't up to Charlie's usual standard (Fucking brilliant in other words) and actually wondered for a moment or two if someoene else was having a hand in the plot/writing - which is obviously wrong.
I assume that these do at least keep some form of income-stream arriving, which is always a good thing if you are an author.

More "SS/IH" novels, please? More through-the-singularity ideas, please? I can hardly wait for the RAH homage ....
Will you do an RK homage, ever?
From your posts, it appears that there will be more of the occult maths secret service books, and another (approx 2018?) set in/around Dunedin "police procedural" as you called "HS".



Didn't realise that Brin had gone into politics- just checked it out.
In the Chinese sense of the word.


@charlie, Recently I was pointed at a rant against writers blogs written by Robin Hobb;


and as its on a, sort of, theme with this post, I thought I might ask if you find yourself spending too much time blogging when you would prefer to be writing?


Andrew C, I tend to blog when I would prefer to blog. If I prefer to write, I write :)


mate we want more in the jennifer morgue/atrocity archive series.
that would make an excellent tv series
by the way
im loving the premise


Andy: I hope to be able to announce something official along those lines (with a publication date, maybe) in the next month or so. Won't be this year or next, though. I'm booked up a long time in advance ...


Is this the book that the movie "The Quiet" is based on? If so, what is the author's connection to Meriden? I was raised there & still live there.Thanks, Phil


What on earth are you talking about, Phil?