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Excuses, part 673051

I'm going to be scarce around here for a while.

First, my editor at Tor just poked me to say that THE REVOLUTION BUSINESS is going into copy edit next Monday. Which means I've got until then to do a complete edit pass on the novel. As I've managed to distill my list of changes down to just seventeen major bullet points ...

Second, I'm recording a story for a little side-project (hint: you'll be able to hear it as a podcast in a couple of months time) and I've got to get that finished by the end of the month.

Third, I'm being interviewed in Second Life on Saturday at 9pm (BST): the event's going to be held here

Fourthly, Ace want me as a guest blogger in the first week of July. (I'll link to that, too.) This wouldn't be a problem normally, but ...

Fifth and finally, I'm off for a week-long vacation next Wednesday. It's our fifth/fifteenth anniversary (we got married on the tenth anniversary of our first date), which apparently means I'm not allowed to hole up in the hotel room and work. (Oh, and it'll be my first completely non-work-related vacation in about two years.)

So: do not be surprised if my blogging is a little tardy for the next two or three weeks.



Have a good vacation, Charlie! Congratulations in advance on your anniversaries.


Have fun and good luck with the work.


Have fun on your Annivacation, and drink some interesting brews.


Enjoy your time off!


make the most of it -- thanks for humouring us




A chance - a slim glimmer of hope for the other authors in the world to produce some work!

Enjoy Mr Stross, et the lovely Feórag.


Enjoy your break, however be aware that celebrity threatens you.

A Cory Doctorow article, national press again, but name checking Charlie. (But of course). Clearly the Singularity is near. Let us know when you get the Celebrity Big Brother invite. Or is this "vacation" just a cover story?


Enjoy a well-earned holiday.


Edit, record, enjoy!


am I the only one who read fifth/fifteenth and thought "0.3rd?"

Have fun!


Congratulations to you and Feórag, and may you have many more anniversaries. As for the vacation, you should definitely ignore any temptation to work and get in some fun and relaxation.


Have a nice vacation! Don't forget your towel though :)


Congratulations on the anniversary. And congratulations on being so much in demand. They're both good things, in different ways.


Have a nice vacation. And remember to use your sunscreen. Or have the Scots (and Brits and Irish) broken that odd vacation habit of going to Southern Europe and coming back lobster red with sunburn?


I'm normally just a lurker, but this warrents a "Happy Anniversary!" and "Enjoy!".

Have fun - you've earned it!


Happy Anniversary!



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