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Hitting the road

I'm heading off to ComicCon in San Diego in a couple of hours: my schedule is here. Updates may be erratic around here for the next three weeks ...


Well, I thought I was heading off to ComicCon! Props to Air Lingus for bumping me to business class on the trans-Atlantic flight, and no props to American for (a) giving me a four hour guided tour of the taxiways at JFK before cancelling my flight, and (b) losing my suitcase (on a one sector flight that never left the ground).

Stayed the night in Brooklyn with a friend; making a second stab at getting to ComicCon today (Thursday), and hopefully finding my luggage along the way (because it's where I stashed my meds, because I wasn't expecting any airline to rise to the level of brilliant incompetence necessary in order to lose a suitcase on a single sector flight with no connections).



good luck gang, we are routing for you


Knock 'em dead tiger.

Coughforbiddenplanetlondon Cough.

I anticipate hearing stories of your American adventures.


It'll never happen David - or not soon anyhow.

You're only option is like me. Erect a tent near Charlie's flat and be careful to keep out of the 300 yard restraining order that he's put against me.

Then hope he'll just sign a book you leave on the doorstep in the morning.


Charlie said in a post not long ago that all you have to do is locate him in one of his watering holes, corner him with a pile of books, and he'll have no option but to sign them.

Time it right and you could take in a bit of the Festival too.


David Darkly @3 and Serraphin@4 - Charlie did a signing at Forbidden Planet in London last December.


OK my badly fed rumours that Charlie never does signings in the UK are somewhat overblown. I'm just always in the wrong place at the wrong time :)

Though I think most who read up on Mr S' blog know the reason he does more signings in the US than over here. And it's understandable.

I just happen to live in a damnable point halfway between home base and London..ish. Should really just get off my arse and make more of an effort!


Off topic but I was just rereading Jennifer Morgue and noticed something about Bob's name, to quote: 'my middle names aren't Oliver and Francis'

So Bob's initials are ROFH, or, if you shorten his first name...


Nicely done Mr Stross!


Keeping off topic, if there is one:

Presently past the mid-point of "Saturn's Children".

I don't know about the Heinlein references/stylings, except for the waterbed --haven't read much of him (can't forgive him for giving the world 'grok').

Wodehouse is pretty obvious (I keep trying not to picture Stephen Fry's Jeeves, or should I?). But how about Dashiell Hammett? or Leonard Cohen?


American pulled exactly the same stunt with me. Got on the plane, toured the runways and taxiways for a while, got back off the plane... Where's my case? Three hours later, they owned up to having no idea whatsoever where my case might be, and then threatened me with the NYPD when I asked politely how this might be possible?


This type of thing is why I always put my meds in my carryon. Always.

That includes replacement motion sickness patches as well as the asthma meds and EpiPen. No, I don't expect to encounter a bee on an airplane (unless we somehow deviate into the world of The X-Files, but if I get off the plane and encounter a bee--I want to be prepared.

And I have managed to have a motion sickness patch fall off--at Narita Airport, for some reason, right after going through security. So now I always have an extra handy.

Good luck on getting to ComicCon (and, hopefully, looking forward to applauding your winning the Hugo at Worldcon).


Good thoughts in your general direction, and a fervent wish that you are reunited with your meds Real Soon Now.


My meds and BP machine take up about a third of my carryon. But I don't take electronics other than my phone, right now.



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