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'Tis the season of Worldcons ...

And I'm in sunny Denver, waiting for Denvention 3 to kick off.

Just in case anyone's interested, the public half of my schedule (as opposed to the private half that consists of things like lunch with editors and agents) looks like this:


Panel: Twisting Time: Alternate Histories , 10am

Panel: Timeless Stars: H. P. Lovecraft, 1pm

Signing, Asimov's SF magazine 30th anniverary anthology, 12pm-12:30pm

Kaffeeklatch, 4pm


Reading, 1pm

Panel: The Evil Empire: Microsoft or Amazon?, 2:30pm


Panel: The Coming Thing - what's next in SF , 1pm

(I'll update this with locations when I get the final program list through.)



I can't believe they left out the real evil empire these days, Google, for that panel.


So, they still didn't add the s to Kaffeeklatsch?


Nuts! I live just 70 miles south of Denver, but can't make it (spending the week helping cater a bat mitzvah, can't afford it, or the gaspetrol anyhow).

However a friend of a friend is flying in from Maryland to be there.


Oh man, I hope there'll be Gootube vids of the Evil Empire and Coming Thing panels.


What's their problem with Amazon? Selling used books?


Michael, if you knew what Amazon do to publishers (and, by extension, to authors) you might not be so enthusiastic about them ...

BTW, they just bought ABEBooks.


Charlie @ 6

BTW, they just bought ABEBooks.

WHAT!?!?!? This is terrible....


This moose needs to find a new^W different used book search tool.

Bah! (waves paw)


Charlie @ 6 - lemme guess - Walmart style tactics applied to the publishing world?


Charlie @6, I wonder if this is why I got an odd ad from Abebooks. There are other places online to buy used books, but not many, and not as good. I'm surprised it didn't trigger monopoly issues.


Great, I look forward to seeing you at some of these panels and the reading!


The evil empire I care about personally is Wizards of the Coast. It's curious that they're a Seattle-based firm too. How did Seattle get to be the world capital of evil empires?


William, did you know I was born there? Hahahahahaha



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