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Last Minute Reminder: Reading Tonight

Last minute reminder: I'm reading tonight (Thursday), from 6pm, in the west end branch of Waterstones' on Princes Street here in Edinburgh. Tickets are free at the front desk, and I'll be signing afterwards (before moving on to a pub).



I'm just about to leave with a bag of books for you to sign.


Look out Charlie, some stores make you buy a book if you hang round reading it for a while.


ok so i took some video on my phone ( the HV30 doesn't arrive till Monday) but then my phone ran out of battery as I forgot to charge it this week. I got the first half hour or so but will have to edit to a convenient pause so there'll be about 25 minutes or so. Next time I'll take a video camera. I'll let Charlie know when it's up on Vimeo. And he can post a link or something. It may not actually be worth watching as it's a phone cam on a Nokia N95. Pity I couldn't join you all in the pub. Thanks for the reading, Q&A and for signing my bag o'books. I did the same with a bag o'books to Ken MacLeod at the book fest this year.


i want to be in that pub too.

pub pub pub.


Work had me in Edi on Tuesday (and I picked up a copy of Jennifer Morgue from Trans Real fiction) but alas not tonight :(


Boy, they like to have their name up, don't they! Nice T-shirt, Charlie!


Marilee, I don't mind multiple listings of their name in the background. It's the multiple capital W's that trip me out!


Here is the video of the first 28 minutes of the Waterstone's Edinburgh reading:


@9 bugger


Josh, I live near DC and the Nationals baseball team use a W as their logo, so I don't trip on Bush with that.



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