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Hugo nominations (2009)

The deadline looms for nominating works for the Hugo and Campbell awards.

If you're a voter from last year, or a member of this year's worldcon, you can nominate works here, either online or by post — but ballots must be received by March 1st.

I I've got two items which are eligible this year: a novelette, Down on the Farm (published online on, and the novel Saturn's Children (extract here).

There are also a number of other recommended reading lists out there which might jog your memory or prompt you to read something worthwhile. Here's the Campbell eligibility list (the Campbell award is for the best new writer of SF/F). SF Awards watch have a list of recommended works; here's SFSite's editors' choice for best works of 2008; and here's the Locus magazine recommended reading list for 2008.



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