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Tonight: Pandemonium Books, Cambridge Brewing Company

Tonight I'll be signing books at Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, MA (at 4 Pleasant Street), from 6pm until, well, either 7pm or whenever things dry up or the proprietor chases me off the premises.

Almost certainly proceeding from there in the direction of The Cambridge Brewing Company on Kendal Square (which serves food and frequently has a cask ale on tap on Tuesdays).

Note: this is the Cambridge in Massachusetts, not the original one.




Glad to see you on this side of the Atlantic and happy to see you like the same bars as me. The CBC rocks. If I can get my computer simulation to run before to late tonight I will try to swing by Pandemonium.


Have fun in Cambridge. I lived there 10 years, and left in 1990. I still miss the cultural and intellectual energy of the place.

Pandemonium B & G is family.


Tonight: Pandemonium Books! Tomorrow: the World! Bwa-hahahah!

Just an idea if Charlie wants to start monologue-ing.


When are you going to be in the DC, Northern Virginia Area?


@4: late May, for Balticon, I'll be in Baltimore. Otherwise, not for the forseeable future.


Hey! Had a great time, Charlie . . . er, Mr. Stross!

I never knew there was so many interesting stories about WWII munitions.

Here's hoping I'll see you and fluffcthulhu at Boskone!


Wish I'd been there. Don't suppose anyone filmed it?


Darn it.

This happened a year or two back - I randomly check Charlie's blog for the first time in 6 months, and find out that there was a signing a mile from home ... two days before.



Hey, Charlie, when are you (next) coming to the original Cambridge?


Folks, just be glad he's on the original Earth. Although if a post-singularity superentity executed Earth.clone(); overnight, how would we know?


John - is there something that you know and we don't?


Would the "superentity" bring back all the Talk-Show Radio Hosts !?



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