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Upcoming events

I'm going to be on the road for much of this week and the following weekend. However, if you're in the Republic of Ireland there's going to be a group author signing event at Chapters Bookshop on Parnell Street from 5:00pm to 6:30pm this Friday. It's not just me: you can also expect Juliet McKenna, C. E. Murphy and Oisin McGann among others.




Well, that's a fine place to be and I'll wish I could join you...


I looked it up on Google Maps.

That's probably as close to Ireland as I'll be coming in the next few years.


I had an inmteresting visit to the Isle of Wight this weekend that might tickly your fancy Mr Stross.

There was a secret rocket test facility hidden on the isle of Wight during the fifties:




for details.

Wandering around the site gave me a very 'A Colder War' feeling.


Charlie, thanks for signing all your books for me last year in Dublin, you were really kind, and you looked exhausted and like you might drop at any second, but you still did it. I appreciate it.


Ditto, thanks Charlie, for signing all your books for me in Dublin.

Thanks also to Chapters and whoever else was involved in organising the signing. Just remember next time to ensure adequate (or even any) copies of the authors latest book(s) are present for the signings ... though I suppose it was a good sign that Chapters, Easons and Waterstones were all out of "Saturns Children".

(Which I ordered. Maybe you can sign it next time).