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Second Life, this Sunday

I'm going to be interviewed in Second Life by The Copper Robot at the Seaside Theater on World2Worlds Island on Sunday — 3:30pm Pacific time, 11:30pm UK time. Feel free to turn up! Live webcast here; iTunes podcast here: RSS feed here.




Hi, Charlie - thanks for agreeing to be a guest and the publicity on the show.

However, I have a minor correction: 3:30 is the pre-show. Actual show itself starts at 4 pm. We ask guests (such as yourself) to show up a half-hour early for *yet* *another* tech checkup, because Second Life is made of spun sugar, toothpicks, and duct tape and the whole thing might come crashing down any second if we don't keep a constant watch on it.

Mitch Wagner
Copper Robot


Second Life is still a thing? I assumed it had withered away last year. Do people hold performances in World of Warcraft or something else now?


Second Life is still there, Phil; it's just not fashionable this year. I gather LL are trying to monetize it by pushing it as an environment for corporate conferencing, with some success. This is not as attractive to attention-deficit journalism as the flying penis brigade, so they buggered off, declaring it dead via Twitter.


New registrations and concurrent logins keep increasing steadily. That's not withering, as I know it.

The newsmedia (now that is something that's really withering away!) seem to be currently sating their need for horrible Internet geeks with their reporting on the Pirate Bay trial.


As long as we're spared more Cop Shows with "Murder in Seond Life!" plots. I think there were at least three last year.


Enjoyed your interview despite having to stay up till almost 2am : )
Good stuff


Way, way off topic, but in couring the multiple ip addresses of the internet I came across this gem:


"Obama has literally inspired millions of people to move forward. He is regarded as a superhero in America. He is made of stuff of a legend and he has a great future. Hence every person in America should have a pieces of history, an Barack Obama action figure!"


That's nothing. Where are the psychiatric Obama sex dolls? You're not just going to let Ballard go like that...


Glad you enoyed the interview, No Heroics.

Second Life is profitable and growing, according to the vendor, and I think there are sufficient downside to them lying that we can provisionally accept the truthfulness of their statement. Also, my own gut feeling about Second Life, as I wander around their world, is that it's thriving.

It has a million problems, sure -- but not the ones that the news media is reporting on.