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Here's an interview the Tech4Thought folks recorded with me at Boskone a couple of weeks ago. (Also of interest: they interviewed Vernor Vinge at more or less the same time.)

In other news: The Hugo Award nominations close on March 13th. If you're eligible to nominate (i.e. if you were an attending member of last year's worldcon, or are a supporting or attending member of this year's worldcon), I encourage you to go and nominate; not enough folks do so.

In case you were wondering, this year I won't have a novel on the Hugo shortlist — not unless a miracle happens; I only had one novel out in 2009, and the penultimate fifth book in an ongoing series isn't a likely candidate for any award. However, I have three other eligible works; Overtime (a novelette, published by, my novella "Palimpsest" (collected in "Wireless"), and ... this blog! Yes, this blog is eligible for a Hugo nomination in the "best semiprozine" category. (At least, I think it is, and a former Hugo administrator I asked agreed; turns out that averaging over 10,000 daily readers for months on end makes the cut.) Obviously — I'm not going to pretend otherwise — I'd be very pleased if any of these works ended up on a Hugo ballot; but it's not going to break my heart if they don't. I've had a good run on the ballot (nine years in a row in one category or another: six consecutive years in the "best novel" category). I'm more concerned that people should nominate, and vote, and continue to make the Hugo awards a product of public participation.



Looked interesting - unfortunately the sound was so low I had to put my ear right up against the laptop speaker (with everything maxed out) to even hear part of it.


I'll have to try again when I can get some louder speakers.


Good stuff!

Here's a side effect of your most famous panel:

Paul Krugman Has Learned to Not Blow-Dry His Underwear

Read more: Paul Krugman Has Learned to Not Blow-Dry His Underwear -- Daily Intel


An unfortunate consequence of improving bandwidth for not-english-speakers like me is the increase of video/audio interviews out there. Without usefull subtitles, if the person that's speaking does says something complicated, have an heay accent, or the audio quality is not very high, it gets really difficult understand anything...


Dave - I find that headphones often work wonders in that circumstance. Failing that, there's sometimes a way to dig into your OS's guts and pump the volume a little.

Charlie - 9 years? Damn. That's a hell of a streak.


I guess I'm getting old because the thought of blogs getting a Hugo awards makes me want to burn something. But hey if anyone deserves it it would be yours. So good luck.


Good Interview. Don't forget to turn the sound down after you listen to it though, or you may find yourself in for an unpleasant surprise. I noticed your run of Hugo Nominations a while back, it's sad to see the streak being broken. With any luck you'll win best novel next year instead of just being nominated next year. (Alt history and fantasy are all well and good, but I'd like to see some real science fiction win again)


The youtube video is buffering and I'm not having a problem with other streaming video. Is there another host for this?


I am not eligible to vote at the Hugo awards, unfortunately. However, I did stumble across your blog by accident while looking at something else - as is typically the case with the internet I guess. And I have been reading it as my first introduction to your writing for some time now.

I have enjoyed it so much that a few days ago I decided to try your "real" writing and bought Halting State. I bought it in hardback, because I'm old-fashioned, and prefer hard-back.

I enjoyed it. I thought it was very engaging, and interesting, and I'm very likely to buy more of your books.

So, thanks for writing your blog. And the novels, they're apparently good too. :)



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