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Shameless self-promotion

Some of you may have iPads. If so, you might want to go look at the iBookstore, where are releasing a bunch of their short fiction — including pieces by me, myself and I — as free downloads; they're on the front page right now, and in the top 100 free downloads at present. Tor are also rolling out their short stories via the Kindle store, so iPhone/iPod touch owners (and the odd owner of some quaint e-ink device) can get at them.

(Right now I'm told this is definitely happening in the US iBookstore; as I have a UK Apple account I can't confirm this, although they should show up in the UK in due course.)

Meanwhile, I've received my first author copy of the US hardcover edition of "The Fuller Memorandum", and I'm informed that the UK paperback is due to be printed this Friday.

Some of you may be wanting to purchase signed copies.

If you're in the USA I suggest you contact Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, MA. I'm going to be signing there on July 13th, and I'm pretty sure that if you ask them they'll be happy to sell you a signed copy.

If you're in the UK (or want a UK paperback copy, or a US hardcover sending somewhere in the UK), I suggest you contact Transreal Books in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm going to drop by to sign stock there before I zip off to Cambridge in July, and Mike will be happy to sell you a signed copy.

(No, there's no online shopping cart; you need to send an email, or phone. Small speciality bookshops, remember?)



Seriously considering a road trip to MA now...


so .. how about if I want a US hardcover in Germany? probably also contact the UK people, right? (currently I have it on pre-order from amazon, but ..) also: damn. Want a hardcover but prefer the UK paperback cover picture. Damn.


You can get an imported unsigned copy via Amazon and cart it along to Dortcon next year where I'll happily sign it.

Or you can email one of the bookshops above and order a copy. I don't much mind what you do as long as you buy it!

The UK publisher won't be a hardback at all. The US one will be available in paperback about a year down the line.


Woot! I'll see you on July 13th. I'm within walking distance at Harvard - if Amazon is correct, I should have my copy of The Fuller Memorandum in hand by then.

Any speaking engagements in the Boston area, other than the signing?


Hey Charlie, Speaking of signed books, do you know what the status is on TOAST from Wyrm Publishing? I think it was supposed to be published a long time ago (current expected publication date says february 2010). I tried sending them an e-mail but havent heard anything from them.


Rich, I'm over because I'm one of the guests of honor at Readercon in Burlington, on the weekend of the 8th-11th. So yes, there is another speaking engagement ...


Charlie, I just received my monthly mailer for the Science Fiction Book Club, and in it was a flyer for "The Fuller Memorandum" (available in July, apparently). I very much enjoy the small-form hardback books that that the SFBC makes, but I want to make sure that the most money gets to you. Am I correct in thinking that you get more money from a normal, brick-and-mortar, hardback sale than from a SFBC-hardback sale?


Yes, book club editions pay the author less than regular hardbacks.

(Most book club customers are non-customers for regular hardcovers, and vice versa; it's market segmentation at work, hence the price differential.)


Jakob, I haven't heard from Wyrm Publishing for a very long time -- originally, their edition of TOAST was due out six months before the hardcover of WIRELESS!

Small publishers -- and Wyrm were at the very small end of small -- sometimes run into trouble and disappear without notice. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for this one, although I would be happy to be pleasantly surprised.


Signed doesn't matter to me, but the reminder has prodded me to pre-order from bookdepository. Yes, I managed to remember that Amazon are Evil[tm].


I have the US hardbook on order, but I would also have preferred a hardback of the UK cover. The UK publisher has missed a sale here due to going pbk only...


I first read your book when you provided it as a free ebook - Accelerando - and I liked it a lot. I've now purchased this book to go onto my book shelf and have purchased Singularity Sky and also liked this.

Just wanted a comment to say thanks for the great reads. Look forward to reading your other books although not on the iPad! (I use Android - I like some control!)


Ooooooh, thank you for that! I have a large quantity of books that I intend to purchase as finances allow, and their shipping to NZ (where I currently am) is SIGNIFICANTLY less than Spamazon's. Now I just need to find a DVD e-tailer for the old British comedies that I want that haven't been released in region 4 (or that have been released in a substandard form - I mean, really, "The Good Life" in NTSC format? Please!)

Hanging out eagerly for the Fuller Memorandum and everything else that's in the pipeline ... I'm dealing with withdrawal by re-reading most of Pratchett's back catalog. It helps.


Charlie, will you be on the West Coast when you're in the US?


Aw, really, Cambridge July 13th? I live just south of Boston, but the SIAM annual meeting kicks off the 12th and runs through the 16th. =(



Would you sign the Slaad pages of a 1st edition Fiend Folio?


Charlie, will you be on the West Coast when you're in the US?

In a word, no.

There is a chance that I'll be visiting San Francisco in late August 2011, but it's far from definite.

(It's also possible that Ace will want to tour me when "Rule 34" comes out in mid-2011, but that, too, is far from definite -- if it happens I may not get a definite go/no go until a couple of weeks before.)

((Please remember that the west coast of North America is eight time zones and eighteen hours of door-to-door travel time away from where I live; it's literally as far away as Japan. I'm crumbly enough to be reluctant to make that kind of trip without a premium economy seat, but I can't afford to fly everywhere in the style to which I would like to become accustomed.))


Bummer. I'm in Lost Angeles. I guess I'll just keep reading the blog until you're out here - hopefully when you sign the movie deal for Atrocity Archives.


Hi Charlie, Is there any chance of an eBook version being published?


That's not my department - but I expect it'll happen.


Living about thirty minutes away from Pandemonium's location, this is excellent news. I will almost certainly be there if I can. Pandemonium's site has no information on the hours of the signing, though, so may I politely inquire whether you would know what the hours are?


Any chance of making it out to Chicago?


Another option for shameless self promotion - would you want to aim your fans at and have them promote the Laundry novels and Halting State? Maybe even Glasshouse?



If I can pre-order "Fuller" from Pandemonium, would you be willing to personalize it? If they could stick a note on the book or something?

If not, not a huge deal. It would be cool though!


As as side note, I heard from Wyrm about 8 weeks ago, who at the time claimed they had delayed publication in order to release the book for your GoH at ReaderCon. Since that time however, I had attempted to pre-order the book (about a 10 days ago - can't make RC unfortunately) and have had no response to the order or follow up emails.

Here's hoping!


Anyt chance of making out to Chicago?

None whatsoever (in the short term, i.e. next 12 months).

I need to add a calendar widget to the blog with my upcoming travel plans. They're pretty busy; after Readercon I'm going to Aussiecon in early September (about as close to the opposite point on the globe as you can get, relative to where I live). Then the Icon SF Festival in Tel Aviv, a small regional convention in Bruges, Novacon in England, Boskone in Boston next February, Minicon in Minneapolis in April, a convention in Dortmund, and the worldcon in Reno in early September. That's basically the next 14 months covered; it contains five intercontinental journeys and three shorter international trips.

Please remember that, from where I live, locations on the east coast is a 16-hour door to door journey away. Chicago is a few hours further away. The west coast is, in terms of travel time, as far away as Tokyo.

This is not to say that I wouldn't quite like to see Chicago again, but I can't be everywhere ...


Pandemonium listed the time of the signing as "TBA", until today it seems to have vanished from the site entirely.

Is it still on? When?

I've been on a bookstore fast for the last year, not buying anything I can avoid. When I started, I said I'd hold off until the new Laundry book, as my self-control was bound to break for that anyway. So I'm very much looking forward to your showing up at my favorite bookstore.


I'll keep an eye out for Chicago, because I think its vanishingly unlikely you'll ever hit New Orleans. And for a good chance to get a copy of Halting State, Glasshouse or others signed, I'd put up with in-law drama.


Oh cool! I'd missed that you were coming to Aussiecon. One beverage with your name on it when you get here from me.


Great! Another good reason to make a trip to London with Eurostar in the not-too-far future. Also a new Greg Egan, which looks very interesting as well!


I'm surprised no one besides me has been over there. It looks like the Ted Dekker (Christian action thriller) fans are swarming it like mad though.


Just read the Kindleized version of "Overtime," which Tor put up for free, on my iPad. Thanks to pib and author alike. I really like the Laundry series, and am looking forward to the release of the next book, which I'probably read on the way to Readercon. Now, if I could only figure out how to get an ebook signed...



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