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Service breaking up ...

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Things may be quiet this weekend, because I'll be in Antwerp attending Beneluxcon as one of the guests (along with Justina Robson).

Things will also be quiet next weekend, because I'll be in Birmingham, talking to the Birmingham SF Group on Friday 5th.

And things will be very quiet the weekend after that, and for a few days either side, because I will be in Nottingham, attending Novacon 40, along with (I hope) a goodly number of their previous guests of honour.

Then I get to sleep in my own bed for two consecutive weekends before I'm off down to London for a week (no planned public appearances, alas: just some business meetings, catching up with friends, and going to a gig).

I'll try to keep you posted in between spasms of travel. G'day!



Happy travels, and don't forget to relax in between.

We'll see you at Novacon, I trust.


Novacon is the "relax in between" bit.


I would have hoped so. But the mention of their other previous guests of honour makes me think that there's a panel or two you might be expected to sit on.

Are you going to be at the Rescue Rooms, or is that just herself?


I'm going to the gig, too.


I was totally unaware of BeneluxCon. I hope next year they'll do it in Amsterdam or Utrecht - travelling 2 hours with a backpack full of books to be signed strikes me as slightly silly :-)

Anyway, enjoy Antwerp! I'm sure you'll find the time to enjoy a couple of beers.


When in London, will you be at "Pig's Ear"? It has moved location, btw ..... Alternatively, I'd like to buy you a drink sometime - please e-mail me direct (IF you get the time ....)


Not sure about Pig's Ear but I'll be at the 'Tun on the first Thursday.


First Thursday in December?

(FX: makes note in diary)

I need to visit Kew at some point before Boris removes all the cheap Underground travel options, and early December sounds good.




Sounds like you're quite the popular guy over the next few weeks! I hope you find some time to enjoy yourself a bit.

Just curious as to whether you'd ever be interested in coming down to Decatur, Georgia, USA (Atlanta area) for the Decatur Book Festival. It's the largest independent book festival in the country. Not sure if that means much to you, but it's a pretty cool event, and we've had some wonderful people. Thought it might be something you'd be interested in or at least tolerate. Here's a link:

I've enjoyed reading your books and occasionally trolling about your blog. I look forward to reading more, particularly the newest one.


Oh dear. Just read your "Inviting Charlie Stross to Speak" FAQ. Hope I didn't annoy you!


More re Antwerpen: their beer, De Koninck, is remarkably nice. Many, many great bars - and if you can get a chance to take the foot-tunnel under the Schelde, it's worth it. Much loveier (though about as long) as the the Greenwich tunnel.


Must resist stalkerish urges...


"Things may be quiet this weekend"

Not over on the "hard edge of empire" thread it isn't. :-{



Revising a previous post: Pig's Ear Beer Festival: The Round Chapel, Powerscroft Road, Hackney, E5 0PU. Tyes-Friday (not open Sat)20 November - 3 December. Possibly see you there? I will try to make the "Tun" (The Melton Mowbray"??) on Thurs ... Haven't been to a "tun" for several years - and I first met my wife at the real tun in Saffron Hill!



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