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Good news/bad news

Currently I'm in London, where I've just been meeting with my new editor at Orbit. More on this soon, and I hope to be able to announce the UK publication schedule for my next three novels (after "Rule 34") before long.

However, medical issues affecting a close family member are going to affect my public appearances over the next few months.

I will still be appearing as guest of honour at Boskone in February. I'll also be doing a reading at Housingworks in New York the following week with Jo Walton (Tuesday February 22nd).

Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of hospital timetables, I won't be able to travel in order to be guest of honour at DORT.con (Dortmund, April 9/10th) or Minicon (Minneapolis, April 24-26th). John Scalzi has kindly agreed to take my place at Minicon; I hope to be able to announce my replacement at DORT.con shortly.

UPDATE: DORT.con are pleased to announce that their new guest of honour will be Robert Charles Wilson.

Hopefully things will be back to normal by June. In the meantime, I'm not accepting any new public speaking or travel invitations.

I'd like to offer my most sincere apologies to the convention committees concerned, and to any con-goers who may have been hoping to see me. Alas, bad shit sometimes happens, and my first responsibility is to my family.

NB: (a) I am not the person who's ill, and (b) I want you to respect their privacy by not discussing their illness here.



As a fan of both you and Jo, I am distinctly bemused by the thought of the pair of you sharing a reading.

On the other hand, I seem to recall one publicity tour where the publishers had sent out together Tom Holt and Iain M Banks - because 'we both love curry'.


I, personally, am looking forward to the inevitable Banks / Holt collaboration about the GSV Expecting Someone Taller.


Whoever it is, I hope they pull through. Good luck and hope to see you in the bricks-mortar-and-beer In De Wildeman one of these days.


I hope everything goes as planned and everyone is as well as can be expected.

Sometimes life rears its ugly head and one has to deal with that hand rather than one's plans.

Best wishes!


Hi, Charlie,

I hope everyone gets better soon.

Also, I wanted to alert you and/or the fellow blog readers to a good review of the Laundry RPG. I'm seriously thinking about buying it...


I'm looking forward to the NY reading. Do you have a beer bar picked out yet for the inevitable after-reading drinks?


Good luck with the medical problems; I hope they're resolved well and quickly. Any chance of a recording of you and Jo reading? That'd be well worth hearing.


Yes, wishing you the best on the medical front. Off topic, but there is an interesting website on science fiction and Islam at Accelerando is featured for the character Sadeq.


Buy it. Buy is now!!! Especially as it is currently on offer as a PDF down load from Drive through for $11!!!

So you can try out the PDF and then if you do like it buy the nice hard back player beeting book in the sure knowledge that you'll get some use out of it.

Our group have been playing it for a couple of months now and as a small group RPG it works really well.


Laundry Rpg is also available through RPGNOW for the same price

Adverts over I hope who ever is ill is feeling better soon.


For how long will you be in London, and do you want a beer? (silly question, I know)


I'm just going to add another line to the "best wishes to whoever" field.


The GSV Flying Dutch might be better, but I'd certainly buy a copy.


Beaming medical-recovery thoughts and best wishes your way even as I type. Here's hoping that full health will return ASAP.

    Also, though it might be tacky for me to say so, I'm glad you mentioned point (a) at the end of your post. Stay well!


All the best for your family situation Charlie



A;; the best mate. Hope everything turns out well for your family. And yourself of course.

Be well



I've reached the point in my life that when I hear "family" and "hospital" used in tandem I twitch; good luck there old boy.


Threeconded! And best wishes to you all.


Good luck and good health to you and yours. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well.


Charlie, you and your family will be in our thoughts.


I'd go for GSV "May contain traces of magic.", personally.

On a more serious note: "best wishes for a successful result and a speedy recovery" to whoever is unwell, and best wishes (generally) to everyone else.


Good luck with the medical issues. I hope it all works out.


I'll add another set of best wishes for you and your family. I went through a lot of that in the past few years in my family, and it can really drain you (even when it's not you who is ill).


Adding my best wishes for your family. Not much to add beyond that.


Good health and luck to you and your family.


Meanwhile... a chunk of the public internet has vanished. O_o


Add me to the best wishes for family member and yourself.

And recommending to anyone in the New York area to go. Housing Works is a very nice used book store and sales go to a good cause. It's one I try to go to whenever I'm there. Not really an SF place, but I usually can find something on the mezzanine. Not the easiest place to find if you don't know the area (I don't), but worth wandering around on cobblestone streets.

Also hoping for a recording. Recently got interested in Walton's work, after reading her posts at Tor and getting a copy of "Farthing".

Hopefully the weather will be decent by then.


I do wish your close family member well Charlie and do hope that you don't neglect your own health in this, the most difficult of difficult times that anyone can endure.


Egypt and Syria are off the net as mass democratic uprisings sweep the Muslim world. (Sen. Joe Lieberman is pushing for the same sort of internet kill switch for the US.)


The Syria thing is a myth. STE is in the routing table.

Apparently dial-up works (the canonical man-with-gun demanded they pull all the BGP announcements, but they left the SS-7 voice gateway up...)


...a neat reversal from Moscow in 1991. Anyway, who'd be sitting around behind a computer when they could be dancing on the smoking ruins of the NDP headquarters?


err... well, yeah, i know. I've not being living in a cave these last couple of days. I guess my obscure point being that it feels like another unprecedented shift to something. Worrying though, innit.


Sorry to hear about your family members troubles. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Your comment was the first I'd heard about Egypt being off the net, I just wanted to clarify what you were referring to, in case anybody else hadn't heard. While the Egypt thing is hard to miss, the protests in Syria, Jordan, Albania and Yemen have gotten less press.

Latest reports are that the Syrian internet takedown was a false rumor spread by Al Arabiya. According to Reuters Africa there is, however, a ban in Syria on accessing Facebook chat and a new ban on proxies that allow Facebook chat access from cellphones.


Adding my best wishes to the pile.




Best wishes to you and your kin with the medical stuff. It can take it out of everyone, so don't be afraid to take care of the important stuff over fan-based distractions!

To echo the adverts above: The Laundry RPG is worth getting just to read even if you are unlikely to play the thing! It's a good reference if you can't remember who's who/what if you haven't time to reread previous books in the series.

Shades of 1989 indeed (but I'm not sure entirely relevant here).


Best wishes to all involved, hoping for a swift recovery!


My best wishes with everyone else's.


Warmest wishes to you and yours; consolation prizes can't get much better than John Scalzi, so Minicon ought to be ok, but you now owe Minicon a visit, as circumstances permit.


Good luck to you and yours, Charlie. I've been there. Don't forget to ask others for help if you need it.


Sending wishes for the best.


Best wishes to you and your kin, Charlie.



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