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Public appearances

I've got a bunch of upcoming fixtures.

Firstly, I'll be at Eurocon 2011 in Stockholm, a convention running from June 17th to 19th. Your sometime guest blogger, Elizabeth Bear, is one of the guests of honour; other guests are John-Henri Holmberg, Ian McDonald, and Jukka Halme. Among other things I'll be interviewing Hannu Rajaniemi interviewing me, which should be fun!

In July/August I'll be in the USA — but not at worldcon.

Instead, I'm starting in Seattle (with a week as an instructor at Clarion West). There will be a reading at the University Bookstore — date, time, and details to be arranged. There may be other signings and events. It's still in the planning stage.

I'll be visiting San Francisco next, and will be reading and signing at Borderlands Books on Saturday August 6th (provisionally at 3pm). There may be other readings in the Bay Area between the 1st and 7th — I'm still working on an itinerary — but on August 8th I'm giving a keynote speech at USENIX Security 2011 (working title: "Computer and network security in the medium term: 2061-2561AD").

After that, assuming I'm not pelted off stage with rotten eggs by enraged penetration testers, I will pop up in Portland to do a reading and signing at Powell's on August 12th at 7:30pm at their downtown store on West Burnside Street.

Then I'm flying home rather than proceeding on to Reno for worldcon, because by that time I shall have been on the road for nearly a month, which is too long. The cat's will have forgotten who I am and the cheese at the back of the refrigerator will be campaigning for the vote, if not asking where its old-age pension has gotten to. (Also: I don't gamble, I don't like hot weather, and I'm not mad keen on cities where I can't get around without driving.)

Finally, looking further ahead, I'm pleased to announce that I've accepted invitations to be guest of honour at COSine 2012 in Colorado Springs (January 27th to 29th, 2012), and at Satellite III in Glasgow (February 25th-26th, 2012). (The latter means I almost certainly won't be at Boskone next February — the jet lag would be of epic proportions. But don't worry, Boston, I still love you!)



Well, I'm very excited that you're going to be in Portland, but absolutely gutted that I'll be away that weekend! Aargh!

I hope Stumptown treats you well and that you'll be back again.


I recommend your getting a slot on one of {a Seattle public radio station, KUOW}'s two chat shows ('Weekday', generally one-hour segments, 'The Conversation', more like 10 minutes). Seattle being Seattle, I think they might be very interested (and would help the University Bookstore event).

I wish I could honestly add that I've got an 'in' at the station, but I'm just a frequent internet listener and have given them money, just like thousands of others. An host or two might know my voice and use-name....

(As for {being away too long}'s problems, I'll suggest "IM IN UR SAFELY OPEN FRIDGE EATIN UR SENTIENT CHEESES".)


While I'm in Seattle I expect to be extremely busy -- as I understand it, the CW gig is basically an 80 hour working week.


If the University Bookstore reading is open to the public and not oversubscribed then I may well jump the ferry down from Victoria and take in the sights of Seattle. Haven't been there for a while but they tell me it's (still) nice. Failing that, well it is a good few years since I last visited Powells too...


Hi Charlie, As a regular reader of your blog, I'm thrilled that you will be at EUROCON. It's my first time ever at a Con and I will be on the Lovecraft panel with Elizabeth Bear. I'm also so looking forward to meeting Kari Sperring and Cheryl Morgan - in the flesh.

B ring eye-pads if you plan to sleep. That late in June up here, the sun hardly ever sets - well, maybe for a few minutes.


I know about the midnight sun -- remember I live in Edinburgh? Sunset in midsummer is around midnight, sunrise around 3:30am, and the sky never gets truly dark. Stockholm I expect to be even brighter.


I'll try and make it to Borderlands in SF!


I will be going to the SF reading and was wondering what you think would be your best book to get signed (and which edition if that matters)? I have read them all, but was thinking maybe you had a favorite...


Well, that's easy to answer: "Rule 34"! (Which comes out on July 5th.)


Dang, now I wish I was going to the USENIX conference this year!


Portland misses you. Portland suggests that you might want to visit this fine establishment if you get the chance.


I am familiar with the establishment in question :)


Please, please please say that your USENIX keynote will be available somewhere online afterwards - video, notes, transcript, anything!

Also, this sounds like a very fast reentry to a hard schedule after your break? Don't overdo it (although if I could actually attend any of these events I might feel differently!).


I'm pleased to announce that I've accepted invitations to be guest of honour at COSine 2012 in Colorado Springs (January 27th to 29th, 2012)

HOT DAMN! I will be there.

If you were to be here longer I'd offer to try and arrange a tour of USAF Space Command (or some part of it)--a friend works IT out there. Unfortunately Cheyenne Mountain is closed to the public. I'm not too familiar with the beer situation here, though can think of a couple places, that might be acceptable. Well, there's plenty of time.

Oooh, but I maybe going to Grand Junction (Western edge of the state) in the fall to help start up a friend's vegan restaurant. Of course, if that's the case I'll be able to afford the trip back.


I'm so happy to hear you'll be in Portland. Do you think you'd have time for an Informal Fan Get-Together of some kind? I might also be able to organize something with the math or CS department at the university here. We have Ivan Sutherland visiting.


We'll miss you at Boskone - you're always welcome 'round these parts...


Nice to hear you'll be swinging through Portland. I look forward to dropping by Powell's.

If you're going to do any beer drinking in N. America, Portland's the place.


I hope you will do the math on looking for terror by tapping and data mining the inter-net for us. The so called liberal media still will not get it.


Midnight sun? In Stockholm?

You have lower standards for the midnight sun down there (granted, right now I live at the same latitude as Edinburgh, but noone here would claim to have any midnight sun).


Be seeing you at Eurocon. Must remember to pack more beer buying money.


Sure, Stockholm is way south of the Arctic Circle, and you won't have the sun above the horizon at midnight.

On the other hand, at midsummer it still doesn't get that dark - it never really goes beyond dusk. It's not proper night, and if one is used to proper darkness in order to actually get the melatonin production started, then you're going to be horribly short of sleep.


Out of mild curiosity, Charlie, have you ever been invited to Penguicon?

The locale may fail the test for 'cities I can get around without driving', though...


I was GoH at Penguicon a few years ago; enjoyed it immensely and would go back, but it's a hell of a long way from Edinburgh in travel time. (It's almost invariably a three sector routing, involving 10-12 hours in the air -- it's as far away as LA in wall clock time.)


Great to hear you're coming back to Portland, Charlie. I'll be at the signing, and if you have the time, I owe you a couple of beers and a meal; you stood me for the tab the last time you were here, and I want to return the favor.


Hm. I'd been considering whether I wanted to go to Seattle for Cascadia Ruby Conf (July 29-30, You'll probably be comatose by the end of CW, but if you feel like swinging by there for some vaguely software-related geekery, I suspect you'll have enough fans there to get yourself smuggled in. ;>

Barring that, I've put August 12 in my calendar, even though Powell's doesn't publish theirs that far in advance. Yay!


Hmmm ... just noticed the dates you call "medium term" on the title of that keynote speech. By my figuring that takes you well into the period of the Censorship Wars in Glasshouse. I'm curious (and not yellow) to see what you've got in mind, but I won't be able to make it to San Francisco then. Any chance the speech will be recorded and put online?


If USENIX don't publish it I'll put my script online on this blog.

(Haven't written it yet; "in the medium term" is to give myself enough wriggle-room that nobody's going to be alive to call me on it when it doesn't come true.)


Oooh. The MAIN Powell's store. Well I guess that means you've hit the big time Charlie!


Now if we can just persuade you to come to Damascus (after the revolution) ... and we'll have the original version of al Azif for your reading pleasure ...


Excellent news about EuroCon. I'm looking forward to hearing you speak there.


Hi Charlie,

Do you have any appearances scheduled for South-East England/London area in 2011?




I'm a huge fan, but have missed your preview visits to Boston. When you do schedule a visit, I look forward to meeting up with you. Just curious, what have you liked in Boston and where do you usually have the meet and greets? Have you tried Jacob Wirths by the Theatre District?


Mike B


You can usually find me at Boskone, the SF convention that happens every February. Not in 2012, alas (I'm guest of honour at a convention in Glasgow the next weekend, and I'm not up to doing conventions on opposite continents that close together).


I highly recommend a visit to Bear Republic while in the Bay area. It's one of those special places...



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