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Final curtsy...

What he said, below...

So, thanks Karl, it was a huge pleasure being in the same tag team. (If we do it again, maybe we should have, like, costumes and a heroic name.) Thanks to Charlie for inviting us and trusting us, and I hope we haven't left too much mess around your virtual house. (Must've been Karl who left those beer cans...)

Seriously, it's an honour, and thanks to everyone who continued to visit, read and post while two Non-Charlies were playing in the sandbox. Sayonara!



We trust Charlie to give us good substitutes -- glad to have you here!


Rather than creat 2 near identical posts, I'll just say thanks to both you and Karl here.


Thanks to both John and Karl. You've both given us some interesting posts, along with some wild tangents, though that's nothing new around here.

I always like to get a glimpse into writer's heads.


Thank you both for your excellent posts in Mr. Stross's absence. And a particular thank you Mr. Meaney for having the temerity to introduce no less than six characters in the first page of your novel To Hold Infinity. I made it past page one, just, and am now well and truly hooked.



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