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Incidentally ...

If you're wondering why Rudy is around here right now and I'm thin on the ground, it's because (a) he happened to be free-ish right now, and (b) I'm arm-wrestling an octopus of a novel called "Neptune's Brood", and coming off worse: I need some offline time in which to build up momentum. So if you wonder what I'm doing over Newtonmass and Hogmanay, the answer is "working".

Also, I have a new camera. (Evidence below the cut-line.)

the internet is for cat photographs!

This is Mafdet. She wants you to buy all my books so that I can spend the proceeds on cat food. Yes, she practices that pose in front of a mirror, daily.



Does he really have a mafadet?


Who is this "he" you speak of, strange person?


That is one cute kitty. Hope your offline time proves fruitful.

  • Neil.

Are you sure it's not a very advanced AI masquerading as a pet cat? Hmmmm?


Oh the poor thing. She's so hungry. Stop whatever you're doing and feed her at once!

Shakes head Damn she's good.




Hmm, is kitty posing like that in front of the mirror to defend the household against serpents from the differently angled dimensions? Or is kitty staring into the mirror saying "you look mahvelous!"


Moar kitty pics! Yay!


The true purpose of the internet is kitty pictures.


You should hear our two doing their "cuelly-treated, underfed, nay STARVING Birmans" routine! Madam Hexadecimal is persistent and mewing, but Sir Ratatosk (of the imperial fluff) can make very loud tom-cat noises when he wants to. Also, they way both of them sucker passers-by into quivering jellified victims (" ...isn't he/she CUTE!") whilst doing gargoyle-duty from our gatepost(s) can be quite sickening. Yeah, who is in chrage around here?


Second thoughts. Charlie, how about a new line/box in the sidebar, for "Kitty Pictures" ??? We send copies, and you put'em up.

Better than "Unicorn School" I reckon!

Oh, that reminds me, look at the oh-so-typical picture shown in This link here
Oh dear.


Thanks, nuked by mods. We're now seeing over 200 spams per day incoming (averaged over a month), and the rate is rising ...


And the mods sometimes sleep.

(I didn't see this one because when I got home from the supermarket at 01:00 - we dropped in on the way back from Godless Carols in London and thought "Now's a good time to beat the queues there'll be on Friday" - I very unusually didn't check my PC, but dropped straight into bed.)


She's doing well, but she'll have to up her game to complete with that orphaned Polar bear that was all over TV yesterday.


Indeed so. I note that the last 200 spams are from the last 18 hours alone.


Your books? Pfff. Face it Charlie, cat videos are far more valuable than novels nowadays. Let them support you.

Or are you too proud to be a kept human?


Very cute cat, I like the name, but my bet is that snakes and other poisonous vermin are kind of scarce on the ground in Scotland. ( so shes obviously doing her job)


I wonder what pix of Charlie Mafdet is posing on Caternet...


Careful there, Strossy. Watts's kitties been playin' with his phone when he sleep. They call me some nights, but I just let it ring while I clean the shotguns. They be learnin' how to dial international, and next thing you know you they be havin' little kitty pow-wows across the pond on Watts's dime. Miss F. and y'all be midnight pussy snacks shortly thereafter, I figure. Just saying.


The power of infinite cuteness compels me to seek out local game store to get a book. Alas, it is closed. The power of infinite cuteness compels me to seek out local game store to get a book. Alas, it is closed. The power of infinite cuteness ... ERROR: Infinite loop detected. Aborting.


Madfet is gorgeous! How can anyone resist those eyes?

Pics like that are always bittersweet for me though as I have to live a cat-free life due to my husband's allergies which have worsened in recent years.


She's cute right up until she sneezes in your face. (Had cat flu as a kitten, has had irritated sinuses and a nasal drip ever since: but can you teach her to use a tissue?)


Yesterday the NPR (US) radio news had a 'best 5 sf/f novels of the year. Rule 34 got a nice mention.


Right, RIGHT ! That's It ..I, request, Equal .. semi equal Time for Stories about People of The Canine Persuasion ..

A little while ago I was sitting on a Park Bench at the Sea front .. or as Girls - Lady Friends - Best Friend Shona indicated " Wots Wrong with That Bench EH! Well all right then here is another bench -hows about this bench to sit on Eh!? Oh, CATS!! Right then, there's this Bench .." and so on until I gave up and The Keeshond Of The Baskervilles climbed up on my lap ..a technique that has been modified since she was only a Poor Puppy and which now demands a carefully acrobatic balance and also propping her chin on my shoulder.Only ONE huddle permitted per Walk.

So, there we were in a state of careful equilibrium when a Cute Girl ..Shona Gets LOTS of Cute Girl Attention .. clad in designer Exercise Dress trotted past us Bottle of Water in Paw and ..well you get the picture .. and got just a little way past us, and then stopped dead, trotted back until she faced us and caught my attention, blushed prettily, and spoke saying " I just HAVE to say that I think that you are BOTH SO CUTE " and then resumed her trot/jog or whatever it was. I swear that her blush extended to her legs below the the rear area of the shorts part of her interesting exercise outfit.


I do sympathise with your husbands Cat allergy and of your being deprived of cats as a consequence. Of course I do realise that it isn't the same thing, but, if your husband isn't also allergic to dogs then you might like to consider adopting a Keeshond. Kees have a peculiarly down like fur that is usually non allergen - or so I understand - and they are Cat Like. See what I mean? ...


The only venomous snake even marginally native to Scotland would be the Adder. Which is sufficiently rare throughout the UK as to be protected by law, and while it can kill, it's over a quarter century since the last UK fatality.

Any scorpions or spiders able to cause even mild irritation are likely to be escapees.

Pretty much the only thing you might encounter that could get any appreciable amount of poison into you without you actively eating it would be bees and wasps, and the stinging nettle in the plant kingdom.


Note, however, that we have some happy fun toxic vegetation and fungi around here that you really wouldn't want to chow down on. Giant hogweed and hemlock; Death Cap and Destroying Angel ...


Hence my disclaimer about actively eating stuff. I suspect that for anyone who tries to chew anything in sight, the only safe outdoors place on the planet will be the highlands of Antarctica — simply because they lack anything chewable at all.



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