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"Over there. Where? There."

Today, because the impulse took me, I am taking questions on Reddit.



It'll be interesting to see how threading changes the way the conversation develops.


You're on the front page! Congrats!

Don't let it go to your head. ;)


Perhaps you could comment on the best questions/comments as Brin did on his blog


I imagine you'll post a transcript once it's over? I think they have a bot for it. I kind of had to block reddit on my pcs because I spent far too much time clicking on it, rat with a drug dispenser style.


I had a look How does one commen there? By tweet - can't be the comments are too long. Um


Is today better than the Golden Age of Science Fiction? Maybe the Buckyball Age?


Do pay attention. If you're asking ordinary questions, then go to that Reddit page.


Thank you, Bellinghman. Done.


You need to register for a (free) Reddit account.

Warning: Reddit is dangerously addictive.


Keyboard: smoking. Wrists: on fire.

My work on Reddit is done.


I registered, asked the previous question, and then: "Would you prefer the nanotechnology cure for carpal tunnel, or the direct asynchronous brain-to-computer link?" But these got only 1 point each (the default?) and did not get modded up.


What's up with all the people asking OGH if he has any intention or desire to found a religion? It was this recurring theme all through the reddit comments and it bewildered and confused me.


It's a profitable career move for science fiction authors, if L.Ron Hubbard is any indication.


Looking forward to your non-Eschaton, high-concept space opera.

SS and CS were my first reads of yours right after a Colder War and still remain personal favorites. You solved some major problems with space opera and tweaked the singularity enough for it to remain interesting. I can see from your notes for the third novel that you would have been setting yourself up for a brain-snarling mess with a fight between two super-intelligences.

I find your essay on why we aren't getting a shiny, happy, High Frontier future to be frustratingly convincing. I can only assume you've come up with some clever ways around it.


Have you read "Saturn's Children"? That's my new space opera universe. (I'm about 95% of the way through writing #2, "Neptune's Brood".)


Awesome. Very satisfying having so much concentrated Stross. Loved the threading too :)


Seems to be something in the air, and the subject of my new book (currently only in ePub format):


I'll prioritize that on the reading list. :)


No, no, don't do it! None can stare into that rift into the pure 'net and come back sane. Whatever crawls back from that dark space may look like you, but the racism-spewing, "First P0st!! LOLZER" posting troll won't be C. Stross, Author. It will be CStrossthlu,


Books denouncing new religions sell consistently; and someone who knows that an sf writer plans to set one up can have it ready to submit by the time the new religion launches.

That viewing with alarm subgenre is less likely to get one to best-sellerdom than "The current President of the US is the Antichrist's evil twin." But Charlie isn't going to run for President of the US.


I'm amazed your wrists held out as long as they did. Nice IAmA.

"The current President of the US is the Antichrist's evil twin."

Does that mean the President is really evil or really good?


Isn't it a requirement that the President be Chaotic Neutral?


It's either amazing or we're underestimating the daily amount of writing our gracious host is doing in order to get his wrists busted up like that in the first place.


The President is really, really, really evil. Which is to say, he disagrees with the author's ideology.


Unless the backspace key is worn out


It depends where you stand.

  • In the USA, behind the President: Lawful Good

  • In the USA, other side of the aisle: Lawful Neutral (unless you're talking to the press in which case paint as Chaotic Evil)

  • Outside the USA, within a close ally like Israel: Chaotic Good

  • Outside the USA, viewpoint, sane: Lawful Evil


Reddit IS very addictive. What day is this? Why am I so hungry?


Politics in the USA being what it is this election year, I'm thinking that standing behind the President is not particularly safe, and probably not highly survivable. Especially if Obama is re-elected; there seem to be a lot of very unbalanced wingnut types out there with high-powered rifles.


I'm surprised he's still alive. I would have bet on an assassination attempt during his first 6 months.


IIRC there were at least two groups of people arrested by the Secret Service for planning to assassinate him. The lone gunman types apparently can't delay gratification long enough to drive to DC or wherever to find him; a number of them have either been picked up with platoon-level armament in their cars while headed for other targets or have gone off on various government buildings around the country. Not that the thought of a crazy with high-explosives and many hundreds of rounds of ammunition running around any city is a pleasant one.



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