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Typo archaeology: The Revolution Business/The Trade of Queens

The final typo hunt! If you've noticed any typos or errors of fact in the two aforementioned novels (books 5 and 6 of the Merchant Princes series) I'd be very grateful if you'd list them in a comment under this blog entry. Note: it's now too late to notify me of typos in the first four books in the series. As before, please provide some verbatim textual context I can search for in the manuscript, or a page/line number ... and specify which edition you're talking about: ideally the US mass market paperback, which was the final corrected edition prior to the one I'm hunting down typos for.



In Revolution Business prologue:

The cop looked at him with barely concealed suspicion. "You don't get to go anywhere until I confirm you're free to leave the area, sir."

Chavez snorted. "You have no legal authority over us, soldier." She held up her warrant card. "C'mon, Rich, we're-"

The guard tensed. "You're not leaving!" he repeated, louder.

Rich spread his hands. "Whoa! We don't need an argument and we don't need to leave the area, we just need to make a phone call. Is there a voice terminal we can use nearby? Preferably secure?"

"Warrant card" is not an American phrase; an American would hold up a badge or ID card.


Trade of Queens, North American paperback top of page 204, reads:

"Mike had exchanged more words with anyone"

should be

"Mike had not exchanged more words with anyone"


typos The Revolution Business Tom Doherty Associates

p276 Brill snapped her fingers "A cup of the slack for my lady .." Sack ?

next paragraph Smooth skin, unpainted nails - nail paint was an alien innovation .. In context this should likely be nail polish, or nail varnish - 'nail paint' is used to put patterns or images onto nails, not just to coat them one colour and/or gloss them - Google has images



At the risk of submitting gearhead comments to the North American paperback edition of "Trade of Queens"...

Page 347: "B52", "C17" (and "U2") elsewhere. Globally replace with B-52 (or B-52H), C-17 and U-2 (or U-2S). US aircraft designations since 1962 are hyphenated between the Basic Mission field and the Design Number field (whereas "B" series nuclear munitions are generally not).

Page 347: Mid-page. Discussion of ARMBAND units and raw wiring into Differential GPS units... How does DGPS work in the parallel world without a primary GPS satellite constellation already in place there? Would the lashed-up connections and wiring render the DPS and ARMBAND units extremely vulnerable to the unprecedented levels of EMP generated by the mission? For that matter, would the imaginesium quantum fiddly bits of the ARMBAND units be scrambled by the EMP?

Page 351 bottom "...the witch clouds...only one at a time" (Referring to U-2 reconnaissance flights over ). The U-2 generally does not usually leave a contrail at 70K feet. If they do, the pilots almost reflexively seek another flight level where contrails are not formed. (Unless the leaving of contrails was intentional - a subtlety I would not expect from the National Command Authority depicted in the book.)

Page 362 bottom: " Indeed there could have been no survivors in the open within fifteen miles had not the other bombers of the strike force continued to plow their fields with the fires of hell." Eh wot? There is one too many negatives there or a misplaced "not". Either way, reading that made my brain hurt - probably too many years chasing misplaced parenthesis(!).


Even gearhead comments are useful. (Re ARMBAND/GPS: it's useful for going from the USA -- with GPS. Less so for coming back, but that's what inertial platforms are for.)


typo Trade of Queens Tom Doherty Associates

p50 She smiled diffidently: "It will work out, you see"


Trade of Queens, US mass market paperback:

p. 247 Erasmus picked up his teacup. It's rim clattered against the saucer it was balanced on.


The Revolution Business (Tor paperback)

p. 35 (b) echoing the pain in his right ankle => left ankle (it was MIke's left leg that was caught in the trap - see "The Merchant's War" p. 45)


Umm, unless I misunderstand his comments elsewhere, I think Charlie should have closed this post to new comments.

(Greg's comment may have got in under the line.)


While I agree that this is probably the case, perhaps this could be clarified by either a comment in this thread, or an update to the blog post. At a quick glance, I can't find anything about it in the comment threads of the newer blog posts.




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