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Reminder: Cory Doctorow and I, on air, live, this afternoon

Internet Evolution are kindly hosting a live interview with myself and Cory Doctorow this afternoon, at 11:00 a.m. ET, 8:00 a.m. PT, 4pm BST, on their internet radio show. We'll be talking about The Rapture of the Nerds, among other things. Yes, I'll be around to chat on their website after the phone chat. Click through the link above to register if you're interested!



For those in time zones outside the UK and US, that's 15:00 UTC, yes?


I believe so ...


Yes; UTC is BST-1, or GMT if you prefer.


Any chance of a recording/podcast for those of us at work (and unable to sneakily tune in)?


I had a brief listen, but it seems like another run around the hamster wheel of H+ philosophizing. Useful for those who don't know much about it, though.


This seems to work for those who are temporally beset: archived interview


Cool. Preorder. Waiting. Grumble.


Amazing what you can miss by being diverted into watching the Women's Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics the interests of Detached Scientific Observation of course.

I mean how the Hell did that girl dive through that tiny hoop left foot first and then catch that ribbony thingy that was hurled into the air by her team-mate a nano second before?

I think that the Italians will win over the Russians .. I've rewound the dive through Hoop Thing several time and it just Is Not Possible!

Oh; our host did something or other Live on Air ?. Did it involve diving through a Hoop left foot first?


Interesting bit about the discrete states of human consciousness. I personally figure the cutoff is going to sleep, losing consciousness and having whatever defragging and caretaking processes that take place when you're asleep.


Cheers, I found a recording of the audio on Craphound for those like me who missed it.

Really looking forward to this book. It's been years since I've read a new singularity book having gone off the idea but I get the impression this book might be a good reevaluation of the idea (and possibly a humorous critique?)


Cory D and I on air, live, this afternoon X

you have two choices

Cory D and I are on air, live, this afternoon

Cory D and me on air, live, this afternoon



This is not a typo thread, okay?



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