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More holding pattern ...

Note: this signing tour has consisted of 16-18 hour working days (up at 5am, head hits the pillow at 10pm plus or minus). If I'm on a tour and you invite me to dinner or a pub and I decline, I'm not being antisocial: I'm sleep-deprived. Also, I don't run it or plan the itinerary: that's our publisher's marketing person (who has done an epic job and is almost as sleep-deprived as I am: hi, Patty!). Also, please don't give me Stuff, especially Heavy Stuff; I'm probably making a flight a day with carry-on only luggage, and I don't like pouring bottles of spirits in the TSA trash bin, or having to check my carry-on (with laptop) bag.

I'm now at the IEEE Games Innovation Conference — or rather, at a hotel nearby. Cory and I will be doing a double-headed keynote thing tomorrow morning. Some time thereafter I get to wind down, and I'll have another real blog entry for you soon.

Meanwhile, here's the video of our talk at MakerBot Studios in Brooklyn last Thursday.



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