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Attention Conservation Notice

Folks, you can stop sending me links to that R'Lyeh paper. Saw it days ago. Reason for non-response: I'm away from home for a few days, trying to help relatives who are dealing with a medical crisis (now under control, at least for the next week). Normal blog service will be resumed after I get home.



What a wonderful Halloween joke! The give-away is the comment at the bottom: Before you charter a boat, please look up the collected works of HP Lovecraft [ !! ]

I hope the operation went as well as could be expected, or has some less-vigorous solution been found, at least temporarily?


I like the paper, particularly how footnote 11 comes at the very last. Thank you!


The author mentioned on his blog that he created some renders of what the island ought to look like, but it looks like just drawings that don't really do a great job :/


Hope the family are doing alright now. Do come back when ever you are ready..


Thanks for the heads up. I hope you have a peaceful, normal, and totally uneventful weekend.


Wow this is so Cthul !



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