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A message from our UK sponsors (revisited)

This is a reminder that, for the next 72 hours, folks in the UK (and most of the EU) can buy "The Atrocity Archives" in ebook formats for £1.99. Details here.

Special offer extended through the 11th, by special dispensation of the folks at Orbit!

(And yes I am elbow-deep in a book right now, working my way up to its climax: blogging's going to be scarce for the next week or two. And if you were wondering about which book my piece in Foreign Policy ties in with, this would be the one.)



I'm not in the UK / EU, so I'm out of luck as far as that goes. I already have a copy, though.

Has the real Len Deighton ever contacted you about The Atrocity Archives?


Nope. I'd be astonished to hear from him (he's 84).

I did get a ping from "Adam Hall"'s son, over the title of "The Fuller Memorandum", however.


RIP Mr. Pohl, you will be missed.


Has somebody got the date wrong?

Tuesday the 3rd, after the UK bank holiday, and while you have been saying the offer ends on the 5th, Amazon and Google Play are back at £4.99


I too have just been on Amazon UK and it is on at £4.99. I was planning to buy it to replace my paper copy (and maybe reread on holiday), but I won't pay £4.99 at this point to do so.



As of 10th September and for me, the Waterstones link is £4.99 but the rest are showing at £1.99


... and as of now, 13th September, all linked prces have reverted to £4.99



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