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Frankfurt, Beer, Friday

I am in the center of Frankfurt for the Book Festival, and I plan to hang out in a beer hall on Friday evening. Venue to be decided (and I'll update this entry when I get somewhere definite): in the meantime, do any locals have any suggestions for places that serve good beer and that won't be impossibly crowded/noisy?

The venue: The pub is called the Twelve Apostles (in German: Zu den Zwölf Apostel), Rosenberger Straße 1. Nearest public transport: Konstablerwache. I'm going to aim to be there by 8pm (slightly vague due to the fact that the book fair is a zoo — around 200,000 people through the doors — and I need to freshen up and find vegan food for $WIFE first). If you can read this, you're welcome!



Well, Frankfurt is traditionally Applewine territory :) but there are still lots of places which brew their own delicious beer like the Klosterhof


yep. frankfurt isn't the best place in Germany to find a really good place for beer. But they serve beer in at least one of the Ebbelwoi-places as well (in most of them you'd be kicked out for even asking for a beer). My alltime fav is the schreiber-heyne,, where i would recommend a frankfurter schnitzel and tannenzäpfle-bier. a small place, always full...reservation needed. otherwise, the grohe brewery in darmstadt would be a good choice and worth a 30 min. trip by, the klosterhof seems to be ok too, i havent tried it yet. otherwise you can hang out at my place and i'll get us some sixpacks.


A couple of other recommendations:

Zur Stalburg The building is also the location of small theater by the same name.

Ginnheimer Wirtshaus Very traditional and quite large but not in a central area of Frankfurt. Good assortment of beer.

Zu den 12 Aposteln Have their own inhouse brewery. They also serve croatian food.

Zum Rad Famous and large apple wine place. But they actually serve beer too :) Foods excellent. A bit far out though.


Wherever you end up, expect some groupies from Marburg!


to go for the nerd factor, there is the senckenberg museum, somewhat distant from the city though, iirc.


Hmm, if you like a British pub I can recommend the Fox & Hound:

The "traditional" places in Sachsenhausen server the local cider variety instead of beer, examples are:

Depot 1899 has good beer, but is quite noisy and you need to book a table:


if you get the chance, check out this one:, a big liquor store in pfungstadt with a really large variety on beers from all of the world. searching for cuban beer? get it there. and the american craft beers there are really great. if you prefer apple wine (Äppler), here's the soundtrack: have a very good time in frankfurt!


I´ll drop by. "Naturbar" has at least one vegan dish i think and it´s not very far from the Aposteln (10 minute walk) Nearest public transport: Eschenheimer Tor


It was a great evening thank you both and have a good trip back home!



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