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Brooklyn, Beer 2.0, this Thursday

Because it was so much fun and I'm a glutton for punishment, I'll be hoisting a beer again this Thursday the 6th in d.b.a. Brooklyn (113 North 7th Street Brooklyn, NY 11249): Twitter @dbabrooklyn. It's close to Bedford Av. station on the L line and the East River Ferry. (Recycled) Arsebook event here. I'll arrive about 5:30pm-6pm, and if the cask ales on tap are as good as last week's ...




(Still eight hours drive away).

Have a good time.


Depending which direction you're in, I'll be doing the same in Boston the following week.


I am in Boston. Can you provide specific time/place?

Thank you!


Not yet: but I'll be there from the 8th, attending Boskone 51, and leaving on the 19th. So some time in that period, obviously!


Boston is even farther, I'm afraid.

Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier... think Toronto... yes... Toronto... your eyes are so heavy... you must visit Toronto soon.... yes....

[how's that for subliminal internet hypnosis, eh?]


You ever come down to Atlanta? I mean, when we're not having an epic snow-wrought traffic crisis?


I like Toronto and I haven't been there for too long, but it requires a special excuse -- it's a long way from Edinburgh, or even my usual NorAm stomping grounds.

Dan: as for Atlanta, my first and last visit involved going there for a lesbian handfasting and finding I was the only guy in the hotel who wasn't an Amway sales rep (it was their world conference weekend). Shudder. Didn't like the climate or the impossibility of getting around without a car, either.


Beer that good eh? I know thw W coast provided decent drinkables ... what was available to tickle the palate last time?


I've been in Atlanta in the spring, and it was quite nice then, at least out in the surrounding countryside. But yeah, I too had to hire a car, and driving from the airport to Buckhead takes you through the centre of the city where the 75 and 85 funnel together.

Shudder. Was that nine lanes just there? And more the other side of the road?

(Toronto though, that was one of my mother's stomping grounds — that's where she went to school after Switzerland became problematic due to those Germans massing along the borders, the place was still sending her the school magazine last year — and I need to get to know the place better than a single night and day allowed.)


Hi Charlie

Sorry I never manage the trek from the NJ suburbs to the City to get to one of these do,s, I am sure it would be tremendous fun When are you flying back? Sunday/Monday have the potential to be an enormous snowstorm, like three feet of snow

Regards Rex


Charlie, hopefully you enjoyed the yearly festival of new commercials with occasional interruptions of a sporting event. Enjoy your stay, and maybe in the future you could venture farther afield in New York than just the eponymous city.


Come to Decatur! (Small town within metro Atlanta - 5 miles east of mid/downtown). We have easy access via rail from the airport... and even have an awesome book festival.

I love NYC, but it's good to check out other places, too! I could personally guaranty much better accommodations as well-- to the extent online semi-anonymous personal guaranties amount for much... I'd be glad to alter that arrangement, of course!

I'm sure you've got a shit ton of fans in the South-- as we are apt to say here.


Hey Charlie - The travel gods have left me in Newark tonight so I'm going to head over if you're still game.


Charlie, any chance you'll be back in a NYC bar the week after Boskone?


None whatsoever (will be flying home).



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