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I get books

Menhit, washing herself, beside a book

The Advance Reader Copies of "Equoid" have arrived. They're uncorrected paperback-bound proofs for reviewers, not the handsome hardback that will be published this September by Subterranean Press (yes, pre-orders are open).

Menhit (named for an Egyptian cat-goddess: literally "she who massacres" — a good description of her personality) seems unimpressed.

(You can read "Equoid" now on or buy it as a cheap ebook; you can even nominate it for a Hugo if you're eligible to do so—but this is a signed, numbered hardcover edition on acid-free paper from the nice people at Subterranean Press.)



Are ARCs that have been chewed on by little, bitey kitty extra collectible?


Should I mention that it is also available in eform, free along with a bunch of other stories from last year? Or, at least was free from the iBook store --tried looking it up, but since I already have it, it doesn't show a price.


my cat gives me that look.
'I am uninterested in that stone you keep waving around'


Actually, it's one of her "I am getting ready to bite you now" looks.

(All her looks are "I am getting ready to bite you now" looks. She's the most bitey cat I've ever had.)


"She who massacres"?

So how is your furniture doing? Our cats are (now) well-trained, but we go through cardboard shedding boxes at a rapid rate.


Wikipedia claims one in ten U.K. residents suffer from chillblains, I wonder how much of that is cat inflicted abrasions/lacerations/puncture wounds. Show us a photo of the backs of YOUR hands. Now, back in your pharmacy days, what would you have recommended for it?


I once had a very bitey/clawey black cat named Sabra; Hebrew for a prickly pear cactus (though at the time we that it meant warrior), for fairly obvious reasons. My hands were covered in scratches for years. She eventually outgrew gnawing on my hands, and picked on a bookcase instead, so I was sure to keep an old encyclopedia on the bottom shelf. The spine of the dictionary got shredded.

I think I'll stick to commenting on kittehs, and books, for a while. I think they're safe subjects.


Our cats only show interest in books when the need to 'snotted' - as my other half calls it.

This is of course when you are be rude enough to show the book more attention than the cat.


I was going to keep quiet for a while, but I just saw this on the subject of cats and books:

Fur flies over 16th century 'rocket cats' warfare manual


Here's a better URL for the rocket cats warfare manual.


Ha, I thought my cat was the only one who liked chewing on books.

(Well, magazines too... anything paper... And cardboard. She cannot be gotten away from cardboard boxes.)



I keep wondering what a charles stross novel staring lolcats could be ... And what would be the name of Bob Howard's cat


Oops, and thanks. Looks like I deleted the l in manual, in the address, when I added the last "

[[ you'd typed manua"l> rather than manual">. Now fixed - mod ]]

Mine liked to use that particular dictionary as a scratching post, didn't damage the pages though.


well, our Willow , isn't bitey or violent at all to us.
however, she does think that the kneading when fussed thing doesn't count unless its with claws,
all my jeans are shredded, and im dreading summer's shorts.


a tip I got for stopping em scratching furniture is sellotape, supposedly they hate the feel of seems she also hates the feel of the scratching post we got her,,


Is it wrong that I want an ARC more than I want the corrected hard cover?


I'm going to guess that she doesn't associate that object directly with the moggynosh in her bowl twice a day?


Thanks; downloaded it already.
Hope it's as much fun as Neptune's brood.


Equoid was good. I read it on Tor's website. Good to see that it's going to be in a dead-tree edition as well as being in electronic form.

One question: is your ARC signed by the author?


On the, ““I am getting ready to bite you now" " thing? This wouldn't be Food Related or a Digging Me Out of MY Comfy Bed at an obscene hour of the Morning Thing would it? If so this is not species specific and my Furry Friend Shona " Keeshond Of The Baskervilles " does that when she considers that her Male Pet hasn’t appreciated that She is Girrrls best Friend and that BIG SHE The Pack Leader must surely have Declared HER wishes in the matter of, don’t feed Her beyond the diet schedule ..FOOOD...mustn't be given HER – Shona - in large quantities and the “...Don’t forget that SHE is forbidden BISQETS “and so forth commands “Don’t “is heavily blurred by information distortion and thus can’t be taken seriously. Oh, and my arthritic Elbow could do with a magic massage. Right ..You may leave me now, and Return at Lunch Time.
Shona ATE Pack leader Kaerens sofa when when first Karen became her adoptive parent. Alright Shona didn't actually swallow any of the sofa and she has left my expensive leather -and thus intensely desirable - furniture alone but Eating The Furniture is defiantly a fall back option if the Karen Command on Not Feeding a Poor -13 year old - puppy is taken too seriously.


thanks for the ibooks find; the price? A nice round number.



" Equoid: a Laundry Novella (preorder)
Item Number 50370 $60.00 USD 1 $60.00 USD
Subtotal $60.00 USD
Postage and packaging $19.75 USD
Total $79.75 USD
Payment $79.75 USD "

Might just seem to be a teeny bit on the pricy side you have to consider the fact that I bought it ages ago on pre-order and so it’s almost as if it were FREE and so it's a triffic bargain.


Oh we all know about Fierce BITE ! here, too.
And yes, that is a familar "L*O*O*K" too ....
Ratatosk appears as though butter wouldn't melt, etc, & Birmans are not supposed to be good hunters.
Tell that to the corpses of the aquirrels / rats / mice / sparrows / etc & one Jerbil (Don't ask) he's brought in.
If all else fails, & he hasn't been fed sufficiently [ i.e. in the past 5 minutes ] he has been known to start nibbling the humans


ARCs are not signed -- they're advance photocopies for reviewers (in this case neatly produced via print-on-demand, with a cover).

The final version will be a signed hardcover.


" .. The final version will be a signed hardcover. "

Which will be bound in genuine "Equoid" skin ..right?


Woo, finally they put up a preorder form. One signed edition preordered, thank you :)


Ah well - not your fault, but your publishing house tried to charge me for this preorder 6 months in advance. No thanks, I just canceled it. Guess I'll have to live with ebook editions :)



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