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Service announcement: upcoming outages (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The server this blog runs on will be shut down for 1-2 hours between 0700 and 0900 (UTC+1) next Monday the 13th of October. This is to permit the installation of additional memory.

The server will then be shut down again, for five hours, on the evening of Tuesday October 21st. Maintenance starts at 2230 (UTC+1) and should be over by 0330 (UTC+1). (That's 6:30pm on the US eastern seaboard, ending a bit after midnight.)

This is to permit the server to be physically moved from its current hosting centre to a new one with better bandwidth (and cheaper ground rent).

Normal service will be resumed on the 22nd. OK?



Doncha mean my Wednesday, October 22?


Damn, I was sure that said "upcoming outrage" and swiftly rushed to read it.


I don't come to this site expecting normal service. Instead, I'm looking for — expecting — hoping for — highly abnormal service. Or at least paranormal service.

In any event, best wishes for the move... and beware of any tech support guys named Bob.


... Aaaand the server now has 16Gb of RAM, which won't have any effect on day to day running but might make it slightly more resilient when under heavy attack by comment spammers (or next time I break a major news story).



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