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More obligatory author shilling

Charlie here, popping in with an announcement about next week.

Some of you may be familiar with Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, Mass., a most excellent establishment. Some of you might also be familiar with Boskone, the regular mid-February Boston SF convention. A bunch of authors go to Boskone, and we also do events at Pandemonium, so mark your calendars:

UPDATED Thursday February 12th, 7pm: Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch, now with special guest Charlie Stross, will be signing books, reading, and generally entertaining you at Pandemonium! And yes, this is the official launch party for "Karen Memory":

(I'll probably move on to the Cambridge Brewing Company after the event, assuming it's open; feel free to tag along.)

You can also catch all of us at Boskone, over the weekend!



Given the recent snowfall, you may wish to consider the John Harvard Brewhouse as a possible alternative location for afterwards. It's one MTBA stop away from Pandemonium and a short walk from the station. The Cambridge Brewing Co. (also a stop away) is about 5 blocks from the MBTA station (though there is a nice big parking garage nearby).

Given that we've received more than a normal winter's worth of snow in a week and a half, the condition of the sidewalks may be bad. Perhaps someone local to Cambridge will comment about that.

Here's a link to John Harvard's site:


I'm cancelling both the signing and the "afterwards" because the MBTA is suspending all train and streetcar services until Wednesday. This means I can't get to the venue (short of a very expensive hazardous-weather taxi ride), and quite probably nobody else can either -- Pandemonium are shutting early today (Monday) due to the MBTA shutdown which leads me to suspect a number of their staff won't be able to make it in on Tuesday, either.

If things look better on Thursday, I'll try to make it in for Elizabeth and Scott's event -- who knows? We might even make it a triple-header?

The Cambridge Brewing Co is preferred because the beer's better. Also, I have yakk-trax and multiple thermal layers :)


Too bad... I've been looking forward to joining this event (and the one originally scheduled for today at MITSFS) for while :-(


Unlike NYC, Boston got the real deal. For example, most of the playgrounds in the city almost a week later, are still filled with snow up to the top of the fences surrounding them.


Update: Bear, Lynch and I might be doubling up on Thursday if Pandemonium's capacity permits. (In any event, I plan to be there and will sign books if you shove them under my nose.)


Long-time lurker, first-time poster, but I shall be there assuming it is physically possible to get through the snow! has never been to a book-signing before, but is drawn out my density of favorite authors in one place


Not sure if you're still planning a get-together afterwards, but if so, might be best to find a spot closer to Pandemonium than CBC -- the streets are clearer than they were a few days ago, but still awfully messy, and there's supposed to be a bit more snow coming in.


just got home

That was an awesome impromptu panel -- I'll confess that I was figuring a book signing to be an altogether duller affair, but I am glad to be proven wrong. And thank you and Scott and Bear for signing all the books (I was the Fuller Memorandum guy). It was great.



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