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Scheduled downtime

Just a warning: the blog (and this server) will be offline for about ten minutes between the hours of 5am and 8am on Thursday the 19th (tomorrow)—that's 1am to 4am Eastern Seaboard Time—while technicians hook it up to a new power distribution board in the data center.

Hopefully this will go without a hitch. In event of hitches, yr. hmbl. crspndnt. will shoot trouble when he's out of bed.

Comments on the blog will be disabled until the server is up and tested tomorrow morning (so I can take a clean database backup without worrying about missing stuff, Just In Case things don't go smoothly).

Update: comments are now back



If you can see this, comments are working again (and the server relocation is complete).


"Hello World"


Seeing #1 from Charlie and a #2 "Hello World" from Greg.

I think this may complete testing?


All major use cases covered. Ship it!


But you said it would be back up at about 9:00 am, and I tried at 9:02 and COMMENTS WERE STILL OFF!



Let's see if this works ...

Problems signing in from eastern seaboard for a couple of days now, spam filters not catching stuff, virus alerts popping up and network connections are disconnecting every few minutes. It's spring and the spammers, viruses and malware have come out of hibernation!


It appears to be working but there are these funny green tentacles emerging from underneath my monitor. Is this expected behaviour or should I file a bug report?


Bug report is for bugs. You have tentacles. File tentacle report!


Maintenance window for the server move from a buggy power distribution board to a shiny new one was 0500-0800 -- but of course, nothing ever goes according to plan.

Maintenance window for Charlie to get some shut-eye was approximately 2300 hours through 0830, followed by Charlie coming downstairs, yawning, and checking up on the server.

The server was up again by about 0950; I suspect it may just have taken a bit longer than usual to check its filesystems after the forced shutdown. (I shut down the MySQL database engine last night before the move, just in case.)


there are these funny green tentacles emerging from underneath my monitor. Is this expected behaviour or should I file a bug report?

This is a known side effect of visiting the Laundry website with Internet Explorer. If you or your successor entity will try connecting with Chrome or Firefox there should be no further issues.


Scott, cmt 10: I've tried using the most-current version of firefox, 45.whatever, and it tells me the Laundry site is insecure, that the CA is not recognized, and won't give me the option to accept the risks and continue....


Charlie Two yickle tings 1 my is objecting to the term Buggy to describe some thing slightly dodgy. I've spent the last fifty years trying to make it a word to describe absolute unicorn fondling levels of horror. 2 a naughty confession, I've been using "Bob Howard - capital laundry services" as a fake introduction since I read your first book. This week I finally met a recepionist who got the joke. I test peoples security on occaision hence the fake intro but scary that you might be going mainstream.



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