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Upcoming Appearances

I'm making a few public appearances over the next months:

First up, on Saturday 10th of March I'm doing a public Q&A, short reading, and signing at the American Book Center in Amsterdam. (Click link for details.)

Then, from March 30th to April 2nd I'll be at Follycon in Harrogate, the 69th British Easter SF Convention. (Guests of honour are Kieron Gillen, Christina Lake, Nnedi Okorafor, and Kim Stanley Robinson, so it's going to be good. OK?)

Finally, from April 19th to 22nd, I'm a guest of honour at Deepcon 19 in Fiuggi, Italy.



Gotta say, I wish you felt safe enough that you could come to the US again. We're working on cleaning up this bullshit, but it's going to be a few years. Maybe decades. :P


Gonna be more like decades...whomever gets the office in 2020 is going to spend their entire 4 years un-fucking all the internal agency stuff this administration destroyed in order to get the executive operational again. They will have no chance at their own agenda. The 2024 office holder might have a chance at having a functional government again if the 2020 administration is on the ball.


OK, here we are on 3/1/18: --Vlad announcing hypersonic nuke powered unlimited range cruise missiles, then the punchline: --a video sim of the new "Satan II" hypersonic multi warhead squadron homing in on Florida... wonder who the-donald will be golfing with that day...


Do you ever make audio or video from your readings available online? It's unlikely that I'll be in a place where I could see one live, but am interested in hearing the author's take on how the story should sound.


Before summer arrives donnie will announce the resurrection of Project Pluto.


I don't video myself doing readings, no, but sometimes organizers do so. It all depends on the venue and what I'm reading (I prefer to read from not-yet-in-print works and publishers don't like them to show up online too far ahead of publication).


On the one hand his address this year brought us interesting news - someone might actually have working nuclear propulsion rocket. Good news for future of Solar system exploration. On the other hand - he said it is an atmospheric device. Failure modes of nuclear rockets are supposed to be Chernobyl-like, maybe even Hiroshima-like. And then the maintenance issues. It seems keeping big pile of nukes in deployable condition requires a lot of work. Add to this some unknown number of atmospheric nuclear engines... I don't know. Oh, and his speech about new weapons (early XXI century iteration of the famous "Kuzma's mother" speech by Khrushchev) deflected everyone's attention from the fact that he failed to fulfil any of his election campaign promises from 2012. And 2004.


I am going to be in Amsterdam March 9th - 16th. Hope I can make it to your Q&A!


Finally an event I can make it to! (the one in Amsterdam, that is)

Will you be signing just books sold there (I'm still a couple behind, Laundry-wise) or can I bring part of your backcatalogue?


Please consider (if/when we win, DC in '21. It'll be a good Worldcon by folks who know what they're doing.

ObDisclosure: I'm on the bid committee.


Oh dear, I misread that as singing at the American Book Centre - I wonder how good that would be ?


Though there are those saying any nuclear powered propulsion system is most likely not operational, and we would have detected any tests. Though then, maybe we already have but didn't realize it:

As for the orange-haired singularity, err, "there's gonna be a party when the wolf comes home"[1].

[1] Propagandhi are playing here soon, which led me to revisit some Weakerthans videos on youtube[1b], I saw a duett of Samson with John Darnielle, and now I'm stuck on Mountain Goats, i.a. Up The Wolves...

Somewhat more apropiate, continuing the line of Lovecraftiana: "Lovecraft in Brooklyn"

[1b] Let's just say listening to music you also listened too during a quite severe episode of atypical depression with dissociation and dipsomania makes for strange emotions...


Congratulations to OGH for another winning bid in the SF table: appearing in an Wild Cards anthology!! I'm not a fan of the series, read just the first book (received as a gift), but I'll gladly buy this special "British" edition! Just hope the stories are closer to Bridge than to Poker...



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