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Book launches for The Labyrinth Index

Labyrinth Index cover

Hi! I'm in Toronto right now, and back in Edinburgh next week. Which leads neatly into me announcing the two launches I'm doing for The Labyrinth Index.

North America launch: although the official publication date remains October 30th, Tor have kindly given me the green light for a special event—a reading/signing on October 20th at Bakka Phoenix Books here in Toronto, this Saturday at 3pm. (Facebook event here; bookstore website here.) There will be hardcover copies for sale! (Note that this is the only time/place to buy copies ahead of the official launch on the 30th. It's a one-off preview event.)

UK launch: the UK edition launches on October 30th with a reading/signing in Edinburgh at Blackwells Bookshop on South Bridge, from 6:30pm: event signup page—it's free!—here.

Signed copies will probably be available for order from Bakka Phoenix books, but in limited supply; once I'm back in Edinburgh I will, as usual, be signing stock for Blackwells and also for Transreal Fiction, who are both happy to supply copies by mail.



Enjoy Toronto!

Lots to see and do for a couple day before the reading - weather is supposed to be reasonable and there should be some entertainment provided by people partaking of the opportunity to consume cannabis in public.

Unfortunately, I can't make the signing at Bakka / Phoenix. My daughter is playing volleyball at home instead of squash in Toronto and that means I will also be playing chauffeur for my wife attending her high school reunion.


I sent the info to my brother the other day, so he may be there to get a copy for me Saturday. I was hoping he’d be able to take his son; who’s a little bookworm into SF & manga (my bother had already looked up comic book shops when they arrived in Toronto), and reads above his age level, but he’s filming that day and his mother is in for the weekend to be with him. It’ll give my brother something to do, I suppose, though I told him it’s aright if he doesn’t make it—and if not there’s enough time to get a pre-order in.


Peter Watts likes homemade chocolate chip cookies. How about you?


Too bad I'm on nearly the opposite end of the country in Alberta. I suppose another week + change is no biggie.


I'll be in Toronto on Saturday, looking forward to getting both a shiny new Labyrinth Index and my well-worn edition of Wireless signed!

I'll be coming up from the states, actually. Normally I would not want to fight with Toronto traffic, but, because I am idiot, I recently realized something I had not previously realized over the course of twenty years of driving from Rochester, NY, to Toronto:

I can park my car in Hamilton and hop on one of the fast, regular trains that runs from there to Toronto every half hour from like six in the morning until midnight.

So instead of arriving in Toronto wrung out, stressed, and needing to pay a mint for parking, I'll be delivered into Union Station after having probably taken a nap.


I've pre-orderd through Transreal already ....


Peter Watts has a recent blog post concerning Sidewalk Labs and Quayside in Toronto.

I mean, what could go wrong with corporatizing operation of the Scorpion Stare network?


Looks like I should give it a miss — just got a nasty cold, and spreading rhinovirus doesn't seem the socially responsible thing to do, so if I don't get better overnight…

If you have the time, I'd strongly suggest getting out of Toronto to see Ontario's fall colours. Despite significant leaf fall this week, they're still pretty spectacular and something that you don't see elsewhere in Canada:

This is what the hills around Dorset looked like last week:

For a short trip from Toronto, Rattlesnake Point and Mount Nemo Conservation Areas are both good destinations just west of the city.


Book bought by proxy: Accomplished.
Got an email from my brother with picture of book in hand. What he wrote: He was a pretty nice guy. Today is his birthday and I also noticed he’s left handed. Apparently some of it takes place in Colorado springs

So Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Unfortunately, no idea when my brother will get a chance to send my way.
He’s a tall guy, bald with white goatee, last I saw.


Okay, wikipedia says birthday the 18th, thought today didn’t sound right. Anyhow, still stands, congrats on making it to another year.


Looks like the folks at Waterstones in Birmingham have jumped the gun, copies if the Labyrinth Index are out for sale.


I finally remembered to wander into Martin's in Letchworth today. Their suppliers have it in stock, so I should get it tomorrow.

(I should have finished the final Fractured Europe novel by then)


I’m late on this, but in the second paragraph after the first text break in chapter one, we have this partial sentence:

As a result of my new status as one of the PHANGs—Persons of Hemphagia-Assisted Neurodegenerative Geheime Staatspolizei...
(Bold emphasis added.)

Shouldn’t “Persons of Hemphagia” read “Persons of Hemophagia”? They consume blood, not marijuana. The latter is how it appeared in The Rhesus Chart.

This typo is on both the preview excerpt on, and in the published Kindle edition. No idea if it was fixed in print.


Page 5 of the printed version, and yes, there too.


FWIW, there will probably be a post in a few months, before the paperback edition, at which point any typos and other errors will be requested so they can be corrected for that edition.


I've given my supersession so thank you....



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