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Blogging's going to be scarce until after mid-December, because I'm about to move house. The removals firm are turning up on Wednesday to start on things, and I should be installed in the new place and with internet access restored by Friday next week. It's a big move, by my standards, because we've been in this flat for eleven years and two months: stuff accumulates, to the tune of roughly 5000 books. And while we're not moving very far — about half a kilometre across town and three floors up — when you get down to it, the only difference between moving half a kilometre and half a thousand kilometres is the fuel in the truck's tank.

Of course, this is the modern age, and I will not be totally offline: I have a smartphone with 3G broadband, email, and a decent web browser, so even while we're without a cable connection I'll be in touch via email. But I hope you'll appreciate I have higher priorities than writing long blog entries ...



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